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Careers in WRD

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Writing is a fundamental attribute of high-skill, high-wage, professional work. This is particularly true in sectors of the economy that are expanding. According to the College Board, eighty percent or more of the companies in the service and finance, insurance, and real estate sectors assess writing during hiring, and half of all companies take writing into account when making promotion decisions.  WRD students emerge on the job market with the capacity to think critically, analyze, write, and speak in any communicative context. 

Below we offer a glimpse of possible career paths along with related WRD courses to consider. If you have any further questions, please contact us and we would be happy to set up a time to speak.

For current WRD majors or minors, please connect with your faculty advisor.

Writing and Rhetoric majors and Professional Writing minors study and practice writing broadly, in professional and workplace contexts, as well as in more particular career pathways.  In all cases, your learning outcomes will transfer across contexts, strengthening job skills.

Suggested WRD Courses

WRD 201: Digital Writing

WRD 283: Environmental Writing

WRD 301: Writing in Workplace Contexts

WRD 323: Editing

WRD 327: Content Writing

WRD 345: Ghostwriting

WRD 376: Fieldwork in Arts Writing

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WRD 327 Content Writing

WRD 320 Writing in Crisis Contexts

Producing digital content for the Internet and mobile applications is one of the fastest growing job sectors globally.  Across every profession, the capacity to create, manage, and strategically deploy digital content is critical.

Suggested WRD Courses

WRD 201: Digital Writing

WRD 241: The Essay from Print to New Media

WRD 242: Writing with AI

WRD 322: Writing and Metadata

WRD 261: Digital Culture

WRD 321: Visual Rhetoric

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WRD 242 Writing with AI

Course Recap: WRD 309 Persuasion in the Age of TikTok

From information-technology, to medicine, to business, to sports, to product design, to a full range of applied sciences, technical writers work in every industry that demands the communication of complex information for specific audiences.

Suggested WRD Courses

WRD 201: Digital Writing

WRD 204: Technical Writing

WRD 206: Professional Writing

WRD 283: Environmental Writing

WRD 301: Workplace Writing: Theory and Practice

WRD 323: Editing

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Student Spotlight: Cynthia Medrano

Lawyers spend remarkably little time in court.  They spend considerably more time reading and writing, making Writing and Rhetoric the ideal major for law school preparation and jobs across the legal profession, including paralegal, legal secretary, legal transcriptionist, clerk, legal writer.

Suggested WRD Courses

WRD 205: Histories of Literacy and Writing

WRD 240: Argumentative Writing

WRD 260: Rhetorical Analysis

WRD 282: Ethics of Public and Professional Writing

WRD 321: Writing in the Legal Profession

WRD 323: Editing

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Student Spotlight: Nicole Mattea

WRD majors learn important theoretical and practical skills relevant to secondary and college teaching of writing. Faculty who teach WRD major courses also teach in the graduate program concentration in Teaching Writing and Language. Work opportunities are available in the learning materials (textbook) industry as well.

Suggested WRD Courses

WRD 203: Style for Writers

WRD 240: Argumentative Writing

WRD 261: Rhetorical Analysis

WRD 281: Writing Censorships

WRD 330: Language and Linguistics

WRD 368: Global Englishes

WRD 371: Mentoring Youth in Community Writing Groups

WRD 378: Teaching English as a Second Language in Chicago

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WRD 371 Mentoring Youth in Community Writing Groups

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