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Combined Bachelor's + Master's FAQ

Looking for more information on the combined bachelor's + master's program? Check out these frequently asked questions.

Applicants may come from any DePaul undergraduate major. You must have completed 88 credits and have a minimum GPA of 3.20 overall at time of application. No prior coursework in WRD beyond the 100-level is necessary.

The program has rolling admissions deadlines. To begin in Autumn, submit by April 15; to begin in Winter, submit by November 15; to begin in Spring, submit by February 15.  The program is optimized for students who begin in Autumn Quarter, but you will be at no disadvantage if you begin in Winter or Spring Quarters.

Applicants are typically notified before registration begins for the quarter for which they have applied to begin the MA portion of the degree.

Once your application is approved, your Program Plan will reflect your status as a Combined Program Student.  Professor Kalin will notifiy you of your acceptance, and you will meet with him to discuss enrollment in your first graduate course.   

Most of the graduate courses offered in any given quarter are available to Combined Program students.  

As undergraduates, Combined Program students may take up to three graduate courses at the rate of undergraduate tuition. The remaining nine graduate courses automatically qualify for the Double Demon Scholarship, which covers 25% of their cost. Upon completion of the undergraduate degree, Combined Program students who meet requirements become eligible to apply for competitive tuition waivers and assistantships available to all graduate students.

Review the Combined Program Information Sheet and requirements of the MA in WRD—very carefully.

If you are pre-junior status, feel free to contact Professor Kalin to let him know of your interest in the program. Stay connected during each advising period to be sure that your undergraduate course choices are optimal for entry into the Combined program.

If you are already a junior (88-132 hours), schedule an appointment with Professor Kalin as soon as possible to discuss your academic and career goals—an MA program is a specialized degree, and you want to make sure it will lead in the direction you intend to go. Professor Kalin will be able to answer any question you might have, work with your current major advisor as necessary, and assist you as you complete your application package.

The MA in WRD is DePaul’s premier graduate program for students who wish to teach writing in college English or writing departments, and those who intend to pursue jobs that require intensive writing in industry and non-profits. You’re encouraged to review the MA in WRD program explanation and requirements and visit the WRD blog to learn more about the value of the MA program. 
Yes!  Most students who enroll in WRD’s MA program do not have an undergraduate major in writing or rhetoric. Your potential to do well will be demonstrated by your GPA, application materials, and interest in what the program offers—not your preparation. 

Not necessarily. The key issues are whether you have room in the Open Electives category of your undergraduate degree for the WRD graduate courses, and/or whether your current major advisor would allow WRD graduate courses to count for your major (if your current major is other than Writing and Rhetoric). You’re advised to make an appointment with WRD’s MA Director, Professor Kalin, to review options. He will assist you in corresponding or speaking with your current major advisor as necessary.

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