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Looking for more information on the combined Bachelor's/Master's program? Check out the frequently asked questions below.

What constitutes eligibility?

Applicants must be declared WRD majors in the junior year (between 88 and 132 hours). You must have a minimum GPA of 3.50 in the major and 3.20 overall at time of application, and should have completed two of the undergraduate Core courses and at least one other 300-level course counting toward the major.

Admissions deadlines are rolling. To begin in Autumn, submit by April 15; to begin in Winter, submit by November 15; to begin in Spring, submit by February 15.​

What do I include in my application?

Applicants will provide the application form, a graded paper/project for a WRD major course with the instructor’s comments attached, and a personal statement indicating the value of the Combined BA/MA in WRD to their academic and professional goals. ​

The application asks for my WRD Department GPA. How do I determine that?

Follow these steps to determine your WRD Department GPA:

  1. Download your Degree Progress Report (DPR) via Campus Connect. If you don’t know how to access your DPR, click here for instructions.
  2. Go to the LAS GPA Calculator.
  3. Input the # of credit hours and Letter Grade for each WRD course you see on your DPR.
  4. Click the Compute button in the Predicted Current GPA row.

When can I expect to hear if I've been accepted to the program?

Successful applicants will be notified and advised to consult immediately with Professor Vandenberg about arranging their autumn class schedules. ​

What happens once I am accepted?

Once your application is approved, you will move into BA/MA status at the undergraduate level. When you have completed your undergraduate requirements, you’ll be entered into the BA/MA program at the graduate level. These steps are necessary to ensure that you pay only undergraduate tuition prior to completing your undergraduate degree. You will complete these steps in close collaboration with Professor Vandenberg. ​

What graduate courses are available to me as a senior?

During the senior year, students accepted to the BA/MA program may take one graduate course in each quarter. The available courses will be determined by the CDC and Graduate Director.

These three courses will count toward the undergraduate degree as electives and toward the graduate degree as indicated by the category satisfied by the cross-listed graduate course. ​

Are there any financial incentives available to BA/MA students?

As undergraduates, BA/MA students may take up to three graduate courses at the rate of undergraduate tuition. Upon completion of the undergraduate degree, BA/MA students who meet requirements are eligible to apply for both tuition waivers and assistantships. ​

I’m interested. What are my first steps?

Review the BA/MA information sheet—including the application form and requirements of the MA in WRD—very carefully.

If you are pre-junior status, feel free to contact Professor Vandenberg to let him know of your interest in the program. Stay connected during each advising period to be sure that your undergraduate course choices are optimal for entry into the BA/MA program.

If you are already a junior (88-132 hours), schedule an appointment with Professor Vandenberg as soon as possible to discuss your academic and career goals—an MA program is a specialized degree, and you want to make sure it will lead in the direction you intend to go. Whether or not you intend to formally apply to the program, please bring a completed application form to your meeting with him—that will ensure the most productive meeting possible.

Your application must be complete and received by Professor Vandenberg, the Combined Degree Coordinator (CDC)during your junior year. Admissions deadlines are rolling. To begin in Autumn, submit by March 15; to begin in Winter, submit by October 31; to begin in Spring, submit by January 21. 

Download the WRD application form and LAS Graduate Admissions application form. ​