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Sample MA in WRD Syllabi

The syllabi below will give you a better sense of the topics and work typical of our MA in WRD courses.

  • WRD 522: Writing in the Professions

    In a job market where most job descriptions contain the phrase “strong writing skills,” what does it mean to be a good professional writer? Writing in the Professions explores a variety of professional genres while also problematizing the concept of professional writing. Check out the syllabus and read more about WRD 522 at the WRD Blog.

  • WRD 525: Writing for the Web

    In this course, students learn how to create and deploy digital content that is compelling, optimized to travel through the Web, and appropriate for organizational aims. The course features a quarter-long content strategy project with Chicago nonprofits. Read more about WRD 525 at the WRD Blog.

  • WRD 540: Teaching Writing

    How do people learn to write? And how can teachers best facilitate this learning? In Teaching Writing, students explore the answers to these questions. The course brings together teaching practices and the theories that inform them, giving students the opportunity to design and teach their own class activities and assignments. Check out the syllabus and read more at the WRD Blog.

  • WRD 543: Teaching ESL Writing

    In Teaching ESL Writing, students explore both theoretical and practical issues related to the teaching of writing to multilingual students, with the end goal to prepare them to work effectively with a range of student writers. Check out the syllabus and read more about WRD 543 at the WRD Blog.

Other Syllabi

To learn more about the structure of the MA in WRD, see the degree requirements.