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2022 Schedule

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The conference will be held online via Zoom and will be scheduled in Central Daylight Time (CDT), which corresponds to UTC-5, Coordinated Universal Time. The Zoom link, along with access instructions, will be e-mailed to registrants closer to the conference dates and will also be available to registrants on the Eventbrite site.

7:00-8:00pm Undergraduate Research Poster "Feedback Session"
  Each year, undergrads from DePaul’s Catholic Studies courses submit a research poster, typically on that year’s World Catholicism Week topic/theme. The top 6-8 are selected by their professors to present their research posters in a public, interactive session before the conference itself kicks off. When we meet in person, three of our conference speakers always serve as respondents, speaking individually with the students about their research and then coming together to offer their comments on each student’s work in a “feedback session.” 


Because there is not an abundance of readily available scholarly research on Catholic youth in the global South, this year's students were asked to research the Church's role in this region in either ecological matters or resistance to violence. And they themselves are the element of "young people"!

Since we’re not meeting in person this year, the students are submitting an image of their poster along with a short video explaining their research. These have been posted on our CWCIT YouTube channel for viewing ahead of and during the conference. They have also been shared with three of our speakers who are serving as this year’s respondents and who will share comments on the students’ work with them during this one-hour Zoom feedback session:

  • Flora S. Pasquereau (UN Special Criminal Court; Bangui, Central African Republic)
  • Hosffman Ospino (Boston College; Boston, MA, USA)
  • Kin Sheung Chiaretto Yan (National Catholic Seminary of Beijing; Beijing, China)

Our 2022 student presenters and their topics are

  • Juliet DiPadova, "The Catholic Response to Boko Haram Insurgency in Nigeria"
  • Rafal Jasielec, "The Church, the Pope, and the Clergy: Catholicism's Impact on Solidarity"
  • Juan Sanchez, "The Influence of Liberation Theology in Chiapas"
  • Kelly Maganini, "How Las Casas' Arguments Go against the interests of the Spanish Crown"
  • Anna Hickey, "The Catholic Church and the Anti-Mining Movement in El Salvador"
  • Bernardo Renteria, "The Sebastian Acevedo Movement against Torture in Chile in the Late 20th Century"
  • Kira Damo, "Beyond Marcos: Will People Power Continue?"

(Moderator: William T. Cavanaugh—CWCIT Director and Professor of Catholic Studies; DePaul University)

9:00-11:00am ROUNDTABLE—Faith & Formation
  • Jessica Joy Candelario—From the Wounds and Hopes of the Young: A Church in the Post-Pandemic
  • Elizabeth Titilayo Aduloju, SSMA—Media Mindfulness: An Essential Tool for Faith Formation of African Youth in the Era of Digital Media Technology
  • Cesar KuzmaBrazilian Youth and the Challenge of New Pastoral Dynamics: Choices, Hopes, and the Horizon of the Common Home

(Moderator: Megan Mio—Director, Global Mission Office/Society for the Propagation of the Faith; Archdiocese of Chicago)

11:00-12:00pm Break

12:00-2:00pm ROUNDTABLE—Trauma, Violence, and Moral Courage
  • Kin Sheung Chiaretto Yan—How Young Catholics Live their Faith & Navigate Changes in China
  • Jodi Mikalachki—Choosing Love in Contexts of Political Violence: The Martyrs of Fraternity of Burundi
  • Flora PasquereauInnovative Advice and Guidance in the Face of Trauma

(Moderator: Stan Chu Ilo—CWCIT Research Professor and Associate Professor of Catholic Studies; DePaul University)

2:15-2:45pm Breakout Chat

9:00-11:00am ROUNDTABLE—Youth Leadership in the Church
  • Jeramie Molino & Rito Baring—Reviewing Catholic Youth Leadership in the Church through Religious Identity from a Filipino Sample
  • Fr. Charles Ssennyondo—Catholic Youth in a Relativistic World 
  • Fr. Joseph Fitzgerald, CMTaking Charge of Their Roots: Indigenous Youth Leadership in Church and Society

(Moderator: Slavica Jakelic—Associate Professor of Humanities & Social Thought, Christ College, Honors College; Valparaiso University)

11:00-11:30am Break

11:30am-1:30pm KEYNOTE PANEL
with members of the Vatican International Youth Advisory Body (IYAB)
  • Agatha Natania—Young People and the Church: A True Journey of Walking Together
  • Brenda Noriega—There is Hope: Young People & Catholic Social Teaching on Solidarity
  • Émile Abou ChaarRooted in Our Mission, We are the Salt and Light of the Middle East

(Moderator: Carolina Pérez—Ministry Coordinator, Catholic Campus Ministry, Division of Mission & Ministry; DePaul University)

1:30-2:30pm Break

2:30-4:30pm  ROUNDTABLE—Environmental & Sustainable Development
  • Marinel Ubaldo—The Role of Filipino Catholic Youth in Environmental & Sustainable Development
  • Prince Papa—Catholic Youth and their Response to Climate Change and Development in East Africa
  • Saúl Zenteno-BuenoThe Jugglers of Development

(Moderator: William T. Cavanaugh—CWCIT Director and Professor of Catholic Studies; DePaul University)

4:45-5:15pm Breakout Chat

9:00-11:00am ROUNDTABLE—Vocation & Discernment
  • Bishop John Oyejola—African Youth and the Imperative of Holistic Formation for the Future of Global Catholicism
  • Fr. Antony John Baptist—The Changing Attitude of Young Adults towards Religious Vocations Today in India
  • Fr. Guillermo Campuzano, CMCommunal Discernment in the Context of the Synodal Process: Listening to the Voices of Young People

(Moderator: Michael L. Budde—CWCIT Senior Research Professor and Professor of Catholic Studies; DePaul University)

11:00am-12:00pm Break

The Fluid Reconstruction of Religious Identity among U.S. Hispanic and Latin American Catholic Youth across Cultural and Diasporic Borders

Hosffman Ospino

(Moderator: William T. Cavanaugh—CWCIT Director and Professor of Catholic Studies; DePaul University)

1:45-2:15pm Breakout Chat