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World Catholicism Week

World Catholicism Week 2019, May 3-5

Put Away Your Sword:
Gospel Nonviolence in a Violent World

May 3-5, 2019

Red rose against backdrop of barbed wire at Auschwitz II-Birkenau

In 2017, on the 50th anniversary of the Vatican's first World Day of Peace message, Pope Francis issued the groundbreaking statement, "Nonviolence: A Style of Politics for Peace." It was perhaps the Vatican's first official statement on active nonviolence, and it raises a number of important questions for the world Church: Is God nonviolent, and does God want us to renounce violence as well? In a violent world, does nonviolence work?

In this conference, speakers from around the world—Kenya, India, Brazil, Italy, Croatia, the U.S., and the Philippines—will explore these questions through five different lenses, each a different roundtable discussion:

  • theologies of nonviolence
  • martyrdom and the cross
  • practices of nonviolent peacebuilding and the "responsibility to protect"
  • gender and nonviolence
  • grassroots church formation of people in the practice of nonviolence

Keynote Speakers

Mauro Garofalo (Sant'Egidio Community)
Mauro Garofalo

Head of International Relations
Community of Sant'Egidio

Robert Emmett Meagher

Robert Emmet Meagher

Professor of humanities, Hampshire College
Author of Killing from the Inside Out: Moral Injury and Just War
(Amherst, MA, U.S.A.)

More about the Conference

Organized by DePaul University's Center for World Catholicism & Intercultural Theology (CWCIT), World Catholicism Week is now in its 11th year; an annual event, it gathers scholars from around the world to explore a single topic. CWCIT is grateful to its conference cosponsors here at DePaul: