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Current Fellows

​2021-22 Research Fellows

  ​​Fall 2021

Paul Gifford, PhD (SOAS, University of London)
Paul Gifford

Emeritus Professor, Study of Religions
School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS)
University of London
(Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Dr. Gifford's research project while at CWCIT Is titled “African—or Public—   Theology?," and his publications include

Winter 2022

A man with shoulders up view, standing in front of blank background
Erico João Hammes

Professor of Systematic Theology 
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul  
(Porto Alegre, Brazil)

Dr. Hammes' research project while at CWCIT is titled “A Spirit Christology of Peace and Nonviolence in the Discipleship of Jesus," and his publications in Portuguese include

​Spring 2022

Jodi Mikalachki
Jodi Mikalachki

Associate Professor of English
University of Burundi
(Bujumbura, Burundi)

Dr. Mikalachki's research project while at CWCIT is titled "Fragile, Handicapped, Young: Martyrdom and Peace in Burundi," and her publications include "Fraternity, Martyrdom and Peace in Burundi: The Forty Servants of God of Buta," Journal of Global Catholicism, 6.1 (2021),  and "Narrating Violence in Burundian Genocide and Civil War Literature: Pacifique Irankunda's 'Playing at Violence,'" in Emerging East African Literatures and Cultures (Galda Verlag, 2020). 

Her related publications include her translation of Fr. Zacharie Bukuru's book, We Are All Children of God: The Story of the Forty Young Martyrs of Buta-Burundi , and her translation of Kaburahe, Antoine. Hutsi: In the Name of Us All. Translated by Jodi Mikalachki. Bujumbura: Iwacu, 2019.​

Jakob Egeris Thorsen
Jakob Egeris Thorsen

Associate Professor of Theology (Diaconia)
Aarhus University 
(Aarhus, Denmark)
Dr. Thorsen's research project while at CWCIT is titled “Maya Religious Practices and Catholic Theology of Inculturation: An Ethnographic Analysis of Maya Catholicism in Guatemala and a Constructive Theological Proposal," and his recent publications in English and Danish include