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Current Fellows

2018-19 Research Fellows

Rev. Patrick C. Chibuko

Rev. Patrick C. Chibuko (Fall 2018)

Chair and Professor of Sacred Liturgy
Catholic Institute of West Africa (CIWA)
(Port Harcourt, Nigeria)

Research focus: Titled "Liturgy for the Church as a Field Hospital," this project explores the idea of the "wounded healer" as the Church—and ultimately, Jesus Christ—who offers true reconciliation through the liturgy to those on the margins, wounded by socioeconomic and political situations.

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Emilce Cuda (Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina)

Emilce Cuda (Winter 2019)

Research Professor of Theology—Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina
Research Professor of Philosophy—University of Buenos Aires
(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Research focus: Titled "Populism in Today's Theology and Politics," this project examines the link between contemporary theology and politics from the perspective of the new style of democracy known as populism.

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