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Current Fellows

2016-17 Research Fellows

Virginia Azcuy
Virginia Azcuy (Winter 2017)
Professor of Theology & Chair of Spiritual Theology, Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Research project: The hows and whys of using qualitative research (i.e., personal interviews and real-life conversations) in the study of theology

Emmanuel de Guzman
Emmanuel S. de Guzman (Fall 2016)

Professor of Theology, St. Vincent School of Theology (Manila)
Chair of Board of Trustees, Catholic Theological Society of the Philippines

Research project: Exploring the Church as "one" in Southeast Asia from an intercultural perspective

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Rev. Simon C. Kim
Rev. Simon C. Kim (Fall 2016)
Assistant Professor in Theology & Coordinator for the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, University of Holy Cross (New Orleans)

Research project: An intercultural theological reflection on racism and the Catholic Church