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Advisory Board

CWCIT's advisory board is a group of DePaul faculty/staff from various departments who meet twice a year to advise the CWCIT director on questions about the Center's work as it relates to DePaul and especially on the interface with other DePaul faculty, staff, students, and Centers. Terms on the board are for three years. Terms are renewable at the discretion of the director.

2023-24 Members

Michael Budde
CWCIT Senior Research Professor and Professor of Catholic Studies

William Cavanaugh
CWCIT Director and Professor of Catholic Studies

Stan Chu Ilo
CWCIT Research Professor and Associate Professor of Catholic Studies

Cathy Elias
Professor of Musicianship and Musicology

Stephen Haymes​
Vincent de Paul Associate Professor of Philosophy of Education
Affiliated faculty in International Studies and Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies

Robert D. Karpinski
Associate Vice President for Academic and Library Affairs

Christie Klimas
Associate Professor of Environmental Science & Studies

Thomas Krainz
Associate Professor of History

Mary Bridget Kustusch
Associate Professor of Physics and Astrophysics

Mark Laboe
Associate Vice President of Faculty & Staff Engagement, Division of Mission & Ministry

Susana Martínez
Associate Professor of Spanish and Director of the Peace, Justice & Conflict Studies Program

Elizabeth Millán
Professor and Department Chair of Philosophy

Scott Paeth
Professor/Chair of Religious Studies and Director of Center for Religion, Culture, and Community

Mark Potosnak
Professor and Department Chair of Environmental Science & Studies