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Elizabeth Millán

  • Professor and Chair
  • ​PhD
  • Philosophy
  • Faculty
  • 773.325.1145
  • 2352 N. Clifton, Suite 150, Office 9
PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo  


Elizabeth was educated at The State University of New York at Buffalo and at the Eberhard-Karls Universität in Tübingen.  She works on aesthetics, German Idealism/Romanticism and Latin American Philosophy.  Before coming to DePaul, Elizabeth taught at the Universidad Simón Bolívar in Venezuela. She has held fellowships from the German Academic Exchange Service, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Humanities.  

She is the author of Friedrich Schlegel and the Emergence of Romantic Philosophy (SUNY, 2007). She is co-editor of: (with Jorge Gracia) Latin American Philosophy for the 21st Century: the human condition, values, and the search for philosophical identity (Prometheus, 2004); (with Bärbel Frischmann) The New Light of German Romanticism (Schöningh Verlag, 2008). She is translator of Manfred Frank’s, The Philosophical Foundations of Early-German Romanticism (SUNY, 2004).  

With John Smith she co-edited, Goethe and German Idealism, a special volume of the Goethe Yearbook (2011). With Hugo Moreno, she co-edited a special issue of Symposium: Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy, on Latin American Aesthetics (2014).
Recent articles include: “Alexander von Humboldt’s Role in the Decolonization of Spanish America,” in Alexander von Humboldt’s American Journey, edited by Christine Knoop and Oliver Lubrich (2012); “The Aesthetic Philosophy of Early German Romanticism and Its Early German Idealist Roots,” for The Palgrave Handbook of German Idealism, edited by Matthew C. Altman (2014); “Alexander von Humboldt’s Poetry of Nature: Freedom and the Latin American Landscape,” Meridonal. Revista Chilena de Estudios Latinoamericanos (2014).

Elizabeth recently finished a book-length manuscript, The Romantic Roots of Alexander von Humboldt’s Presentation of Nature. She is (with Judith Norman) currently working on a Companion to Early German Romanticism.

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