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Graduate Teaching Fellows

​Graduate Teaching Fellows offices are located on both the Lincoln Park Campus and the Loop Campus, dependent upon the location of the course(s) they teach:

DePaul University - LPC DePaul University - LOOP
2352 N. Clifton, Suite 150 25 E. Jackson Blvd. | Suite 1630
Chicago, IL 60614 Chicago, IL 60604
773/325-7265 312/362-8870
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Graduate Teaching Fellow
Avery, Jessica
Beard, Ellery
Bermas-Dawes, Joseph
Bock, Joel
Campos, Laura

Convertito, Gregory
Cox, William
Gammage, Jennifer
Gould, John
Hughes, Carlie

Jessen, Jessica
King, Valerie
Laybourn-Candlish, Aurora
LeBlanc, Mary
Loftus, Caroline

Londoño, María-Victoria
Marchesi, John (Jack)
Maddox, Bryan

Nelson, Katherine
O'Donnell, Evan
​Ramos, Héctor Ramos

Sahinoglu, Ece

Simms, Sarah

Sisman, Bilgesu
Zizzo, Ludovico