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The Department of Philosophy
The Department of Philosophy
Welcome to the New Academic Year 2022-23!

Dear Philosophy Students,

Welcome to the new academic year—and welcome back to campus for many of you! With widespread vaccination against COVID-19 well underway, there is hope on the horizon and though challenges remain, we look forward to returning to campus and offering many of our classes in person once again. As we do so, it is incumbent on all of us to continue to exercise appropriate caution and to recognize that the transition back to in-person learning will take some adjustment and make new demands upon everyone. 

Our dedicated faculty is excited to return to the physical space of the classroom and to resume in-person learning. While faculty and students alike rose successfully to the multiple challenges of the virtual classroom, we recognize that, despite some advantages, a Zoom meeting is never quite the same as the face-to-face classroom with which we have all been familiar. At the same time, recognizing that not all students will be in a position to return to campus in autumn quarter, we are continuing to offer approximately 20% of our courses online. We expect to continue to offer a selection of courses online throughout the upcoming academic year as enrollments permit.

In addition to regularly scheduled classes, our department will once again offer a rich program of other events, including visiting speakers, a conference in spring quarter, and meetings of our Philosophy Circle.  The first meeting of the Philosophy Circle, our annual Orientation meeting, will take place on Wednesday, September 22nd, 6:00-7:30pm. While several events may take place remotely, we expect most, including our Philosophy Circle meetings, to take place on campus.

If you have questions relating to the undergraduate program, please contact our director of undergraduate studies, Professor Avery Goldman (​). For questions relating to the graduate program, please contact our director of graduate studies, Professor Kevin Thompson  (​)​.  For general questions relating to department operations during the academic year, please contact our administrative assistant, Nicole Hack  (

As we embark on a new learning adventure together, I wish everyone an enriching and philosophically productive year.

Elizabeth Millán Brusslan​
Professor & Chair, Philosophy​


About Philosophy

​​Philosophy is the enterprise of examining and interrogating the foundational concepts that structure human existence—concepts such as happiness, the good life, human community, freedom, and the self. It entails the cultivation of critical thinking skills, careful questioning, and an appreciation of the rich history of human thought on these and other key issues, as reflected in the texts of great philosophers from Plato and Aristotle to Hegel, Nietzsche, and beyond.

DePaul University’s philosophy department features an internationally recognized faculty that makes it one of the premier philosophy programs in the U.S. working in the European tradition. The department features baccalaureate, master’s, and PhD programs, an active research agenda, and prominent visiting scholars and conferences that serve to enrich and promote the engaged intellectual life of students at all levels.

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Why Study Philosophy?

A degree in Philosophy expands your perspective and prepares you with the skills necessary for any career path you choose.

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