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The Philosophy Faculty Curated Collection from the DePaul Art Museum

DePaul Art Museum

To learn more about the work or about the DePaul Art Museum (DPAM), click on the image title. If you would like to view any of these works in person, take a look at the DPAM schedule of upcoming exhibitions—any of these works could be on display!

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The faculty of the Department of Philosophy have selected works from the permanent collection of the DePaul Art Museum (DPAM), works they found to have some relation to a philosophical theme that is central to their own research or teaching. Those works are gathered below into a "collection," organized according to the faculty member who has selected the work and listed with the theme that the faculty member has identified.

These works, taken altogether, give the visitor to our website a unique and original insight into our department's interests and strengths. As you navigate around the Department of Philosophy website, the images you see on the various pages have been selected from the Philosophy Faculty Curated Collection from the DPAM. Enjoy!

Selected by María Acosta

Selected by Peg Birmingham

Selected by Sean Kirkland

Selected by Daryl Koehn

Selected by Richard A. Lee, Jr.

Selected by Will McNeill

Selected by Elizabeth Millán

Selected by Michael Naas

Selected by Elizabeth Rottenberg

Selected by Frédéric Seyler

Selected by Fanny Söderbäck

Selected by H. Peter Steeves