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The Frings Colloquium

The Frings Colloquium series is named after Manfred S. Frings (1925-2008), who was Professor Emeritus in the Department of Philosophy at DePaul and an expert in phenomenology, more specifically in the work of Max Scheler. The Colloquium takes place three times a year, and it is an event in which one of our more advanced graduate students presents a paper that reflects his or her most recent research work. The speakers are selected, the events are organized, and the papers are attended exclusively by graduate students.

2022-2023 Frings Colloquia

​Title: After the Death of the Soul: Nietzsche, Aristotle, and Zambrano at the Threshold of Subjectivity
Speaker: Laura Campos
Date: October 28, 2022​

Title: Between Voice and Silence: Althusser and the Status of Origin in Rousseau's Thought
Speaker: Jack Marchesi
Date: October 28, 2022​

Archive of Frings Colloquia


Title: TBA
Speaker:  Owen Glyn-Williams
Date:  October 19, 2015

Title:  TBA
Speaker:  Kristina Lebedeva & James Murphy (joint presentation)
Date:  February 5, 2016

Title:  TBA
Speaker:  Güçsal Pusar
Date  May 6, 2016 


Title: TBA
Speaker:  Floyd Wright
Date:  November 7, 2014

Title:  TBA
Speaker:  Paul Turner
Date:  February 6, 2015

Title:  TBA
Speaker:  Ian Moore
Date  May 1, 2015​


Title:  There Is No Subject of Science: An Introduction to Materialist Mathematics
Speaker: David Maruzzella
Date:  November 8, 2013

Title:  Capitalist Unbecoming: on erotic thanatropism and the state-form
Speaker:  Gil Morejon
Date:  February 7, 2014


Title:  A Middling Intellect - Resource and Poverty in the works of Plato and Zhuangzi
Speaker:  Rohan Sikri
Date:  October 4, 2012

Title:  Plato's Solar Economy of the Good
Speaker:  Ben Frazer-Simser
Date:  February 8, 2013

Title:  A Critique of the Inscrutability of Evil
Speaker:  Imge Oranli
Date:  April 26, 2013


Title:  Schisthod: Heidegger and Descartes, with a Detour into Hyperbole
Speaker:  James Griffith
Date:  November 11, 2011

Title:  Language, Theology, and Tacit Consent in Locke's Political Philosophy
Speaker:  James Murphy
Date:  January 27, 2012


Title:  State of Nature as Narrative:  A Re-reading of Traditional Social Contact Theories
Speaker:  Cavin Robinson
Date:  November 19, 2010

Title:  Foucault's Fantasque Animal
Speaker:  Perry A. Zurn
Date:  February 25, 2011

Title:  Homo Homini Lupus Sive Deus
Speaker:  Amanda Parris
Date:  May 20, 2011


Title:  On the Material Impediments to Sublunary Thought and Action in Siger of Brabant's Questiones in Metaphysicam and De Necessitate et Contingentia Causarum
Speaker:  Andrew LaZella

Date:  January 22, 2010

Title:  Becoming Identities: The Philosophical Subject Intersectionality, and Assemblage
Speaker:  Heather Rakes
Date:  March 19, 2010
Title:  Is it Pseudo-Dionysius or Dionysus?:  God's Drunkenness and Our Critical Transgression
Speaker:  Ben Frazer-Simser
Date:  April 30, 2010​​