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Placement & Alumni

​​​​​​​​​​​DePaul's PhD program in philosophy has an exceptional placement record. During the last decade we have placed students in such institutions as St. Edwards University, University of Scranton, Chicago State University, Earlham College, Grinnell College, the Rhetoric Program at Berkeley, Xavier University in New Orleans, The American University in Cairo, Lewis University, Columbia College and The University of Memphis, Duquesne University and Laurentian University, University of San Diego, University of North Carolina, Charlotte.


This section lists recent PhD alumni, the title of their dissertation and their place of current academic appointment, if known.

Julian Rios Acuña​​Grinnell College
​"Genealogy, Colonialism, Violence: Confronting Metaphysical Thinking Between and Beyond Santiago Castro-Gómez and Michel Foucault"
​ Peg Birmingham & Elizabeth Millan Brusslaun
Paula Landerreche Cardillo​​Lewis University
​"Her Organs Were A Question Of the State: Reading Adriana Cavarero From the Latin American Post-Colony"

​Fanny Söderbäck

Dan Perlman​
​Loyola University Chicago

"Foucault's Brain: 
Discourse, Matter, and the Possibility of a Plastic Genealogy"
 Peter Steeves & Kevin Thompson​
Jacob Singer​
​DePaul University
"Hegel's critique of skepticism: concept, judgment,
and syllogism"
Kevin Thompson​
Cameron Coates​The University of the South (Sewanee)​
​"Aristotle on the Concept of Life"
Sean Kirkland
Mustafa (Kemal) Isik​​​Independent Scholar
"Eleusis contra Delphi: The Idea of Eternal Return in Nietzsche, Heraclitus, and the Greek Mystery Cults​"
Sean Kirkland & Will McNeill​
​Eric Aldieri
​Bridgewater State University
"Loving without Memory: Immanent Soteriology from Deleuze's Spinoza to Spinoza's Deleuze"
Kevin Thompson​​
​Rachel Silverbloom
​Vassar College
​"Nonlinearity as Care: Black, Feminist, and Queer Temporalities of History" 
​​Fanny Söderbäck
​Ryan Froese
​University of Louisville
​"Modality and Method in Hegel's Logic" 
​Kevin Thompson

​Evan Edwards
 Grand Valley State University
​"Autotrophy of the Other: On Food and Hospitality" 
​H. Peter Steeves

​Thomas Krell
​Independent Scholar
​"The Threat of Nihilism and the Prospect of non-Nihilistic Metaphysics in Jacobi and Hegel"
​Kevin Thompson

​Owen Glyn-Williams
​Independent Scholar
​"Civil War and the Government of Factions in Hobbes and Foucault"
​Kevin Thompson

​Michael Peterson
Missouri University of Science and Technology
​"Half-Lives of Responsibility: Gramsci, Derrida, and Inheritance in Environmental Ethics" 
​Michael Naas

Vilde Lid Aavitsland​
University of Louisville
“Conditioned by History: Experience and Critique in Foucault’s Thought”​
Kevin Thompson​


Paul Turner​
Humanities Librarian, Haverford College
​“The Sense In Which All Things Move: Concepts of Meaning and World in Heidegger and Zhuangzi”
Will McNeill​


​David Maruzzella
​DePaul Art Museum
“Studies on Science and Ideology in Contemporary French Philosophy”​​
Michael Naas 
Elizabeth Rottenberg (Co-Director)
​Bradley Ramos
​DePaul University
“The Problem of Sexuality: Philosophy’s Weak Spot and the Inconsistent Nature of Nature"​​​
Elizabeth Rottenberg
Jeta Mulaj

Grinnell College (Mellon Post Doctoral Fellow, 2021-2022)
Ryerson University​

“Reclaiming Stability: The Dialectic of Stability and Instability in Capitalist Society”​​Peg Birmingham


​Zhen Liang
Sweet Briar College
“On the Flow and Structure of Process: An Inquiry into Changes of Things, or Shifts of Systems” ​​​
H. Peter Steeeves​
​Jonathan D. Singer

DePaul University
"Sharing 'the Flesh of the World': Alterity, Animality, and Radical Community in Merleau-Ponty's Philosophy"
​H.Peter Steeves
​Amelia Hruby

Author, Academic Software Designer
​"Towards Feminist Aesthetics: Feminist Provocations to German Idealist Aesthetics"
​Maria Acosta
​Khafiz Kerimov
St. John's College, Annapolis, Maryland​​Prudence and Providence in Kant
Avery Goldman, Sean Kirkland​
Daniel Pepe​DePaul University​"The Fate of Universal History: On the Task of Philosophy of History between Kant and Benjamin"​Richard A. Lee​
​Gilbert Morejon
​DePaul University
​Obscurity and Involvement, On the Unconscious of Thought in Leibniz, Spinoza, and Hume
​Peg Birmingham
Daniel Rosiak​
National Research Council Postdoctoral Associate, The National Institute of Standards and Technology​
"Towards a Classification of Continuity and on the Emergence of Generality"​Richard A. Lee​
​Gucsal Pusar
DePaul University​"Critique and Indifference: Kant on the Human Need for Metaphysics"​​Will McNeill
Miguel Gualdron​​University of Oregon​​
"Poetics of the Abyss: History, Aesthetics, and Decoloniality in Edouard Glissant's Early Thought"​​Maria Acosta
​Kieran Aarons
 North Central College​
​"The Political Logic of Destituent Power: Time, Subjectivity, and Revolutionary Violence"
Kevin Thompson, Peg Birmingham​
Neal Miller​Independent Scholar​"Critique and Neoliberalism in Michel Foucault"​Peg Birmingham​
Amanda Parris​University of San Francisco​"The Logic of Imagination: A Spinozan Critique of Imaginative Freedom"​​Richard A. Lee
Kristina Lebedeva​
​Independent Scholar
"In the Presence of Suffering: Toward a New Understanding of Evil"​​H. Peter Steeves
​Ege Selin Islekel
Texas A&M
"Monstrous Visions: Mechanisms of Defense and Regimes of Visibility"​​Kevin Thompson
Thomas Floyd Wright​Freelance Software Engineer​​"The Perversion of the Absolute: Religion and Representation in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit"
Kevin Thompson​
2016 Ian Alexander Moore Loyola Marymount University​
Being and Method in Eckhart and Heidegger Will McNeill
Richard A. Lee
2016 Christopher Turner California State University, Stanislaus Aristotle and the Cynics on Happiness and Misfortune Sean D. Kirkland
2016 Karolin Mirzakhan
Kennesaw State University
Humor and the Absolute:  Comedy and Irony in the Philosophical Project of G.W.F. Hegel and Friedrich Schlegel Elizabeth Millán
2016 Ashley Bohrer
University of Notre Dame
The Janus-Face of Capitalist Labor: Gender, Race, and Work in the Early Modernity Richard A. Lee
2016 Ben Frazer-Simser
North Central College
A Discourse of the Non-Discursive: Plato and Pseudo-Dionysius Sean D. Kirkland
2015 Don T. Deere Texas A&M
The Invention of Order: Modern Spatial Concepts and the Emergence of the Americas

Elizabeth Millán

2015 David Volfe Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra, Chicago, IL Interpretation as Epieikeia: Aristotelian Ethics as a Paradigm for Hans-Georg Gadamer's Philosophical Hermeneutics Will McNeill
2015 Sonya Ozbey
University of Michigan
Discontinuities in Immanent Worlds: The Human - Nonhuman Animal Split in Spinoza and the Zhuangzi Franklin Perkins
Tina Chanter
2015 Rosalie Siemon
Founder, Michigan Support Circle
Arendt and Spivak: A Feminist Approach to Political Worlding and Appearing Peg Birmingham
2015 Rohan Sikri University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia Therapeutic Methods in the Platonic Dialogues and the Zhuangzi Neipian 莊子内篇  Michael Naas
Franklin Perkins
2015 Imge Oranli Arizona State University
Reframing Theories of Evil: Ethics, Violence and the State Tina Chanter
2015 Perry Zurn
American University
Curiosity: Philosophy and the Politics of Difference Kevin Thompson
Michael Naas
2015 Marie Draz San Diego State University, San Diego, CA Transitional Subjects: Gender, Race, and the Politics of Temporality Tina Chanter
2014 James Griffith Middle Eastern Technical University
"Fable, Method, and Imagination in Descartes" Richard A. Lee
2014 Alicen Beheler Hastings College, Hastings, Nebraska "Continuity, Constellation, and Unworking: An Exploration of Language in Nietzsche" Tina Chanter
Will McNeill
2013 Robin Weiss American University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
"The Stoics and the Practical: A Roman Reply to Aristotle." Sean D. Kirkland
2013 Jana McAuliffe University of Arkansas
Little Rock, Arkansas
"Ethics and Affects: A Critique of Social Intelligibility with Adorno, Butler and Spivak." Tina Chanter
2013 Joseph Weiss Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina "Mimetic Play and Critique in the Works of Walter Benjamin and Theodor W. Adorno." Richard A. Lee
2012 Richard Elmore Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina "Critical Ecologies: Violence and Life in the Work of Jacques Derrida and Theodor Adorno." Michael Naas Elizabeth Rottenberg
2012 Daw-Nay Evans Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, Illinois "Nietzsche and Classical Greek Philosophy: Essays On Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, And Heraclitus." Will McNeill
2012 Kristin McCartney Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, Illinois "Dissolute Pluralism: The Ethics of Queer Thought." Darrell Moore
2012 Surti Singh Villanova University "The Problem of Experience in Adorno’s Philosophy and Aesthetics." Richard A. Lee
2012 James Manos Adler University, Chicago, Illinois "A Critique of Political Self-Deception: Kant and Freud At The Edge of Political Theory." Tina Chanter
2012 H. Rakes Oregon State University
"Becoming Identities: The Philosophical Subject, Intersectionality, and Assemblage." Namita Goswami
2011 Dilek Huseyinzadegan Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia "Politics, History, Critique: An Interpretation of Kant’s Political Philosophy In Light Of His Critical-Regulative Method." Avery Goldman
2011 Sina Kramer Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California "Constitutive Exclusion and the Work of Political Unintelligibility." Kevin Thompson
Tina Chanter
Cavin Robinson
LeMoyne College, Syracuse, New York.
"Social Contract Theory, African American Slave Narratives, and the Reconstruction of Early Modern Conceptions of Political Freedom."
Jason Hill
2010 Andrew LaZella University of Scranton, Pennsylvania "Thomas Aquinas, the Real Distinction Between Esse and Essence, and Overcoming the Conceptual Imperialism of Metaphysics." Richard A. Lee
2010 Jeremy Bell Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia
"The Ethics of Inquiry." Michael Naas
Stephanie Meinster​Unknown​Unknown​Patricia Werhane​
2009 Holly Moore Luther College,
Decorah, Iowa
"Plato's Analogical Thought." Michael Naas
2009 Molly O'Donnell
Freelance Editor, Writer
"The Residence of Infinity in Finite Minds: The Role of Objective Reality in the Work of Descartes and Suarez." Richard A. Lee
2009 Elizabeth Sikes Seattle University, Seattle, Washington “Intellectual Intuition after Kant: Katharsis and the Revolution of the Tragic in Friedrich Hölderlin.” Will McNeill
2009 Kathleen League Unknown "Utopia in the Map of the World: Adorno, Radical Negativity, A Cultural Critique." Peg Birmingham
2008 Samuel Talcott University of Sciences, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania “Anatomical Operations: The Modern Invention of the Living as Pathological, Or Contributions to a Genealogy of Michel Foucault’s Work.” Darrell Moore
2008 Hernando Estevez Universidad de La Salle, Bogotá, Colombia
"An Essential Transition in Latin American Nineteenth Century Policital Thought." Elizabeth Millán
2007 Julia Ireland
Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington “The Poet as Destiny: The Inauguration of Heidegger’s Dialogue with Hölderlin.” Will McNeill
2007 Wesley Swedlow San Marin High School, California
“Against the Personification of Democracy: Of the Causes, Generation, and Dissolution of the Person with Political Formations.” Darrell Moore
2007 Lisa Tama Weisman Dominican University, River Forest, Illinois “From Totalitarianism to the Tradition: Hannah Arendt and Karl Marx on History, Politics, and Philosophy.” Peg Birmingham
Bill Martin
2007 Robertus Wijanarko Institute for Philosophy and Theology, Malang, Indonesia “Exploring Indonesian Humanism: Revisiting Indonesian Nationalism, Humanism, and National Culture.” Darrell Moore
2007 Peter Gratton Southeastern Louisiana University
“Freedom, Equality, but not Fraternity: Toward a Shared Sovereignty.” Michael Naas
2007 Robert Tapia Triton College, River Grove, IL
“Cogito qui vivo: A Vitalistic Approach to the Problem of Man’s Being.” Elizabeth Millán
2007 Robert Valgenti Lebanon Valley University, Annville, Pennsylvania “Critique and the Inheritance of Metaphysics: Philosophical Hermeneutics in the Shadow of Kant.” Will McNeill
2007 Sokthan Yeng Adelphi University, New York “Establishing Community Fitness through Michel Foucault’s Mechanisms of Power.” Darrell Moore
2006 Brett Buchanan Laurentian University, Sudbury, Canada. “Onto-Ethologies: Relations Between Uexküll, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, and Deleuze.” Will McNeill
2006 William Behun
Adjunct, McHenry County College
“The Historical Pivot: Philosophy of History in Hegel, Schelling, and Hölderlin.” Will McNeill
2006 Gerard Kuperus
University of San Francisco, California. “Hegel’s Perspectivism.” Kevin Thompson
2006 Robin James University of North Carolina, Charlotte The Conjectural Body: Gender, Race and the Philosophy of Music" Tina Chanter

Pleshette de Armitt

Deceased. Formerly: University of Memphis, Tennessee
"Echoes of Narcissus: Aporias of Self-Relation in the Works of Rousseau, Kristeva, and Derrida." Peg Birmingham
2006 Nathan Ross Assistant Director, Faculty Center for Professional Excellence, Adelphi University, New York
"On Mechanism in Hegel's Social and Political Philosophy." Kevin Thompson
2005 Kenneth Burak Northampton Community College, Pennsylvania “Logic and Resistance: On Retroactive Constitution and Misrecognition in Hegel’s Science of Logic.” Kevin Thompson
2004 Peter Wake St. Edwards University, Texas. “Tragedy, Speculation, and Ethicality in German Idealism.” David Farrell Krell
2004 David Preiman Poet
"Care for the Whole: Some Scattered Remarks on the Introduction to Being and Time and Beyond." Will McNeill
2003 Mark Walter Aurora College, Illinois. “Indications: Heidegger and Levinas on Language and Ethos after Husserl.” Will McNeill
2003 Christina M. Gschwandtner Fordham University, New York "Sparks of Meaning at the Points of Friction: At the Boundary Between Philosophy and Theology in the Work of Jean-Luc Marion." David Pellauer
Michael Naas
2003 Christina Smerick Northwest Nazarene University, Idaho
“Between the Garden and the Gathering: The Intertwining of Philosophy with Theology in Walter Benjamin.” Bill Martin
2003 Philip Cronce Chicago State University, Chicago “Max Scheler’s Typology of the Model Person: A Critique of Societal Role Models.” David Pellauer
2003 Susanne Johansen-Trent Independent scholar, Freelance Editor
"Beyond Boundaries of Belonging: Transgressions of an Emigrant." Mary Jeanne Larrabee
2003 Elizabeth Hoppe
Loyola University Chicago
"Looking for Eternity at Two O'Clock: Plato on Time and the Unknowable." Michael Naas
2002 Ellen Cox Transylvania University, Kentucky "The Promise of Reading: Ethics, Narrativity, and the Law." Michael Naas
2002 Kas Saghafi University of Memphis, Tennesse "Apparitions—Of the Other in Contemporary French Philosophy." Michael Naas
2002 Daniel Selcer Duquesne University, Pennsylvania "Method and Repetition in Leibniz and Hegel." Angelica Nuzzo
2002 Robert Vallier Syracuse University in Florence
"Institution: Of Nature, Life, and Meaning in Merleau-Ponty and Schelling." David Farrell Krell
2001 Keith Peterson Colby College, Waterville, Maine "Problem and Construction: Kant, Schelling, Deleuze." Angelica Nuzzo
2000 Matthew Pacholec Unknown "The Critical Aesthetics of Kant and Lyotard: Aesthetic Temporality, Sublime Subjectivity, and the Immaterial." Peg Birmingham
2000 Susanna Pagliaro
Office of Liberal Arts & SocialSciences, DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois. "Sensible Being: Sexual Difference, Air, and Other Universal Matters in the Thought of Luce Irigaray." Peg Birmingham
2000 Madeleine Victoria Unknown "A Phenomenological Study of Dance: Dancing Bodies, A Celebration of Life!" David Pellauer
1999 Daniel Price
University of Houston Honors College, Texas. "Difficult Abandon: The Shape of Singularity." Michael Naas
1999 Kelly Coble  Baldwin Wallace College, Ohio "Intelligible Character and Deed in Kant, Schelling and Musil." David Farrell Krell
1998 Thomas Brugger
Unknown "Spinoza and Hegel on Ethical Individuals." Stephen Houlgate
1999 Karen Feldman University of California, Berkeley "Rhetoric and Performativity." Department of Rhetoric" Peg Birmingham
1999 Ferit Guven Earlham College, Indiana "The Death of Philosophy and the Beginning of Madness: Plato, Hegel, Heidegger, and Foucault on Madness and Death." Will McNeill
1999 Graham Harman

SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, California
"Tool-Being: Elements in a Theory of Objects." Will McNeill
1999 Paul Schafer Xavier University in New Orleans, Louisiana "The Praxis of Philosophy: Nature, Reason, and Freedom in the Young Marx's Criticism of Hegelian Idealism." Stephen Houlgate
1999 Anna Vaughn Clissold
Humanities Center, DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois "The Generation of Creation: F.W.J. Schelling's Early Plato Studies." David Farrell Krell

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