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Undergraduate Program

The core of our undergraduate program of study, for both majors and minors, is the history sequence, which ensures that every student acquires an appreciation and a deeper understanding of the tradition of European thought, from the ancients to twentieth century thinkers. However, this core understanding is then itself complicated, invigorated, and called into question through a wide variety of courses, some on specific figures or themes from the European tradition, some on various philosophical projects critiquing that tradition, such as psychoanalytic thought, post-structuralism, feminism, philosophy of race, post-colonial thought, queer theory, and many others, and some in which that tradition is illuminatingly compared and contrasted with Asian, African, and Latin American thought.

This provides every student who graduates with a major or a minor in philosophy with a rich and complex understanding of the contemporary world in which they live, as informed by a long historical tradition and complicated by other perspectives often neglected by that very tradition. Graduates of our program are, thus, young people with a rich historical consciousness, thoughtful individuals who are good readers and writers, and they are armed with the tools of critical thinking that will be essential to success in whatever career they choose.

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