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Philosophy (Minor)

​The minor program is designed to complement the majors of other departments. It is designed also for those who, while not wishing to specialize in philosophy, nonetheless seek to pursue enduring questions, appraise contemporary values, and critically discuss topics of general human concern. (If you wish to use this program as an academic minor, check with your Department for permission and with the Department of Philosophy for sample programs.)

Course Requirements

Basic Prerequisite

History Sequence

Value Studies/Cognitive Skills

  • One PHL 200 Level Course

Philosophy Electives

  • Two PHL 300 Level Courses

With permission a student may take PHL 391 SENIOR CAPSTONE SEMINAR for Philosophy Majors as part of his or her minor.
Transfer credit may be recognized. (*Please note that PHL 100 and HON 105 is the prerequisite for all 300-level philosophy courses; it is also the prerequisite for all 200 level cognitive skills courses as well as the 200 level history sequence.)​

Students majoring in Philosophy (BA) are restricted from earning this minor.


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