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Philosophy Today

An International Journal of Contemporary Philosophy 

Philosophy Today is an international peer-reviewed journal that reflects the current questions, topics and debates of contemporary philosophy, with a particular focus on continental philosophy. The journal is especially interested in original work at the intersection of philosophy, political theory, comparative literature, and cultural studies. It seeks to provoke discussion and debate among various intellectual traditions, including critical theory, phenomenology, hermeneutics, feminism, and psychoanalysis. The journal provides space for reviews, as well as short translations of the works of contemporary philosophical figures originally published in other languages. 

The journal is now published by the department in cooperation with the Philosophy Documentation Center.  Submission guidelines can be found at the Philosophy Documentation Center website.  Print, online, and print + online subscription options are now available. All back issues are being digitized and will be included in online access options.

Non-subscribers may search the journal and view free previews of each article. E-mail updates and RSS feeds are also freely available.

The journal will soon provide Wikipedia and Facebook pages - keep an eye on this site for more information.

For further information regarding Philosophy Today e-mail or contact the Editor, Peg Birmingham (

Tongdong Bai, Fudan University
Andrew Benjamin, Monash University
Ray Brassier, American University of Beirut
Rebecca Comay, University of Toronto
Simon Critchley, New School University
Francoise Dastur, University of Paris VIII
Karen Feldman, University of California, Berkeley
Moira Gatens, The University of Sydney
Simon Glendinning, European Institute/London School of Economics and Political Science
Wolfgang Hauer, Freie Universität Berlin
Samir Haddad, Fordham University
Graham Harmon, American University of Cairo
Len Lawlor, Pennsylvania State University
Elissa Marder, Emory University
James Martel, San Francisco State University
John Mullkarey, Kingston University
Angelica Nuzzo, Graduate Center and Brooklyn College CUNY
Johanna Oksala, University of Helsinki
Kelly Oliver, Vanderbilt University
Gabriel Rockhill, Villanova University
James Risser, Seattle University
Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback, Södertörn University
Daniel Smith, Purdue University
Dimitris Vardoulakis, University of Western Sydney
Philippe Van Haute, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Anna Yeatman, Whitlam Institute, University of Western Sydney
Santiago Zabala, ICREA/ Pompeu Fabra University
Ewa Ziarek, University of Buffalo

Philosophy Today
• established 1957 •  ISSN 0031-8256 ​