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Graduate Research Funding (GRF) & Dean's Office Travel Funding

​​Graduate Research Funding (GRF)

The Graduate Research Funding (GRF) Program provides research funds to the colleges graduate student population who contribute to the academic rigor of our programs, helping to defray the costs of conducting research and creative work and for presenting papers at academic conferences.

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LAS Dean's Office Travel Subsidy

The LAS Dean's Office also offers a smaller travel subsidy ($175) to Philosophy Graduate Students who have attained their MA and are presenting a paper at a conference. This funding option is limited to twice per academic year.

Even if you've received funding from the GRF, if your travel expenses exceed the maximum GRF you can submit travel expense receipts for this funding too. Be very clear when you submit your receipts that you've already received an amount from GRF and that you are asking for the remainder or a portion from this funding.

To receive the funding you'll need to complete the Graduate Student Travel Funding Reimbursement Form, attach original receipts (unless you've submitted the originals for the GRF), secure Sean Kirkland's signature and send it to Molly Bailey in the LAS Dean's Office (990 W. Fullerton Avenue #4200). Don't forget to keep a copy for yourself.

External Grants and Fellowships

The Department of Philosophy has compiled a list of external grants and fellowships, for which many of our graduate students will be eligible. That list is available here.​​​