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Books and Articles

Written by our visiting scholars

Born from Lament: The Theology and Politics of Hope in Africa

Emmanuel Katongole
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Image of resurrected Christ reaching out to the marginalized
Raíces con Alas: Capacitación Hoy con el Espíritu de Jesús
["Roots with Wings: Empowerment in the Spirit of Jesus"]
Diego Irarrázaval, CSC
(forthcoming 2017 in Spanish, Editorial San Pablo–Chile)

Cover of Simon Kim's book,
A World Church in Our Backyard: How the Spirit Moved Church & Society

Simon C. Kim
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Cover of
"Is Asia a Post-Religional Society? The Post-Religional Paradigm & Its Others"
Daniel F. Pilario, CM
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Cover of Medellín journal
"Ciudad y Mujer: Una Apuesta Evangelizadora" ["The City & Women: A Proposal of Evangelization"]
Olga Consuelo Vélez Caro
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Cover of Maria Clara Bingemer's book,
O Mistério e o Mundo: Paixão por Deus em Tempos de Descrença ["The Mystery & the World: Passion for God in Times of Disbelief"]
Maria Clara Bingemer
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Part of the cover of Robert Wilken's book,
The First Thousand Years: A Global History
of Christianity
Robert L. Wilken
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Cover of Michael Budde's book
The Borders of Baptism:
Identities, Allegiances & the Church
Michael L. Budde
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Part of the cover of Emmanuel Katongole's book,
The Sacrifice of Africa: A Political Theology for Africa

Emmanuel Katongole
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