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Conference Publications

Many of CWCIT's conference publications appear as volumes in our book series, Studies in World Catholicism, published under the Cascade Books imprint of Wipf and Stock (these are marked with an asterisk in the tabbed list below). Other CWCIT publications appear in special academic journal issues or as volumes published by collaborating universities in the global South.

Recently Published

Studies in World Catholicism, Vol. 6
(Wipf and Stock, August 2019)

Cover of
Theology, Conflict, and Peacebuilding*
Edited by Daniel Franklin Pilario
(St. Vincent School of Theology, April 2019)

*Contributions from a 2014 international conference of the same name held in Manila, Philippines

Cover of book,
The Church and Indigenous Peoples in the Americas: 
In Between Reconciliation and Decolonization
Studies in World Catholicism, Vol. 7
(Wipf and Stock, January 2019)

The following titles are conference publications that are currently in various stages of the editorial process, en route to publication:

Abstract image of white dove on red, pink background

Pentecostalism, Catholicism, and the Spirit in the World

Edited by Stan Chu Ilo
Studies in World Catholicism series
(Wipf and Stock, forthcoming fall 2019)