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Current Fellows

​2022-2024 Faculty Fellows

  • Elena Boeck

    Elena Boeck

    • History of Art and Architecture
      Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
    • "The Legend of Troy in the Middle Ages: Imagining Migration as Regeneration"
  • Buckings

    Scott Bucking

    • History
      Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
    • "The Beni Hassan South Preservation Project: A New Initiative In Global Public Archaeology" 
  • Foster

    Elissa Foster

    • College of Communication
    • "From Narrative Social Science to Literary Fiction: Pursuing the Novel as an Outcome of Health Systems Research"
  • Traci

    Traci Schlesinger (Honorary)

    • Sociology
      Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
    • "Carceral Geographies of Pretrial Requirements"

2021-2023 Faculty Fellows

  • Ted

    Ted Anton

    • English
    • "Programmable Planet: The Synthetic Biology Revolution"
  • rane

    Anuradha Rana

    • Cinematic Arts
    • "Language of Opportunity"
  • Fanny Söderbäck

    Fanny Söderbäck

    • Philosophy
    • "Vulnerability and Singularity in Pandemic Times"

2020-2022 Faculty Fellows

  • Steve Harp

    Steve Harp

    • Art, Media, and Design
    • "Negation/Against"
  • Sean Kirkland

    Sean D. Kirkland

    • Philosophy
    • "Nietzsche's Philosophy in the Tragic Age of the Greeks: The Present Against the Past, Nature Against Itself"
  • Lourdes Torres

    Lourdes Torres

    • Latin American and Latino Studies
    • "Against Spanish! Resisting Linguistic Violence Through Community Accountability"

2019-2021 Faculty Fellows

  • Tera Agyepong

    Tera Agyepong

    • History
    • "Historicizing the Era of Mass Incarceration at the Intersections of Childhood, Race, Gender & the Law"
  • Sanjukta Mukherjee

    Sanjukta Mukherjee

    • Women's & Gender Studies
    • "Trans(national) Im(mobilities): Gendering Age, Aging, and Care in India"