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Previous Fellows

​​​​​​​​​​​Previous Internal and External Fellows

  • Ted

    Ted Anton

    • English
    • "Programmable Planet: The Synthetic Biology Revolution"
  • rane

    Anuradha Rana

    • Cinematic Arts
    • "Language of Opportunity"
  • Fanny Söderbäck

    Fanny Söderbäck

    • Philosophy
    • "Vulnerability and Singularity in Pandemic Times"
  • Steve Harp

    Steve Harp

    • Art, Media, and Design
    • "Negation/Against"
  • Sean Kirkland

    Sean D. Kirkland

    • Philosophy
    • "Nietzsche's Philosophy in the Tragic Age of the Greeks: The Present Against the Past, Nature Against Itself"
  • Lourdes Torres

    Lourdes Torres

    • Latin American and Latino Studies
    • "Against Spanish! Resisting Linguistic Violence Through Community Accountability"
  • Tera Agyepong

    Tera Agyepong

    • History
    • "Historicizing the Era of Mass Incarceration at the Intersections of Childhood, Race, Gender & the Law"
  • Sanjukta Mukherjee

    Sanjukta Mukherjee

    • Women's & Gender Studies
    • "Trans(national) Im(mobilities): Gendering Age, Aging, and Care in India"

2018-2020 Faculty Fellows

  • Jaclyn Jensen

    Jaclyn Jensen

    • Driehaus College of Business
    • "Weight-based Bullying at Work: Exploring the Personal Consequences, Organizational Costs, Cultural Context, and Victim-Focused Interventions"
  • Michael Naas

    Michael Naas

    • Philosophy
    • "Narratives of Scale: Rethinking Don DeLillo from Americana to Zero K"
  • Donald Opitz

    Donald Opitz

    • School of Continuing and Professional Studies
    • "Size Matters in Flora and Florilegia"



2019-2020 Visiting Fellow:

Ben Almassi

Ben Almassi

Associate Professor of Philosophy 
Affiliate Professor of Gender & Sexuality Studies 
Governors State University

Ben teaches environmental ethics, medical ethics, interdisciplinary ethics, political theory, feminist theory, epistemology, and philosophy of religion among other courses at Governors State University. His recent publications include "Climate Change and the Need for Intergenerational Reparative Justice" in Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Ethics (2017) and "Epistemic Injustice and its Amelioration" in Social Philosophy Today (2018). As a DHC Visiting Fellow, Ben will be working on a project entitled, "Restorative Environmental Justice in Theory and Practice." He lives in Chicago with his partner Negin, a naturalist for the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, and their daughter Zeydi.

2017-2019 Faculty Fellows

  • Dustin Goltz             

    Dustin Goltz

    • College of Communication
    • "Fred Astaire's Dancing Lessons"
  • Yuki Miyamoto             

    Yuki Miyamoto

    • Religious Studies
    • "Translating Filth: Disease, Discrimination, and Drama in the Atomic Age"
  • Greg Scott             

    Greg Scott

    • Sociology
    • "Drug Injectors, Pilgrims, and Scientists: Rituals of Purification, Systems of Hygiene Control, and the Achievement of Ecstatic Truth"

2018-2019 Visiting Fellows

  • Melissa Lorraine             

    Melissa Lorraine

    • Fall 2018
    • "Filth, Cleansing and Crime"
  • Maria Anna Mariani             

    Maria Anna Mariani

    • Winter and Spring 2019
    • "Italy and the Bomb: Literary Recreation in a Nuclear Age"

Visiting Fellow

Angie Blumberg

Angie Blumberg
January - June 2018

"Forgeries and Folies at the Fin de Siècle"

Angie Blumberg received her Ph.D. in 2017 from the Department of English at Saint Louis University. She joined the DePaul Humanities Center as Visiting Fellow from January – June 2018 to work on her project, “Forgeries and Follies at the Fin de Siècle.” A specialist in the literature and cultural history of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Britain, Angie’s project examines how British writers and artists appropriated archaeological materials and discourse to forge new social, sexual, and aesthetic possibilities at the turn of the twentieth-century. Her work at the DHC will specifically explore the construction and circulation of forged archaeological relics and “follies”— new buildings constructed to appear genuinely historical. Taking seriously the personal meanings and possibilities embedded in material culture, Angie contributed to the DHC’s year of “Fake” by considering how that material culture was also falsified and fabricated—not only for economic gain, but in a process of forging narratives of the self and the world.

DePaul Faculty Fellows

Patty Gerstenblith

Patty Gerstenblith, College of Law
" The Evolution of Methods for Detecting Fakes in the Cultural Record"

Zachary Ostrowski

Zachary Ostrowski , Art, Media, and Design
"Really Somethin' Else"

Dr. LaShonda Katrice Barnett

Dr. LaShonda Katrice Barnett
January - June 2017

Dr. LaShonda Katrice Barnett (Ph.D., American Studies, College of William and Mary) is a novelist and playwright who joins the DePaul Humanities Center as a Visiting Fellow from January-June 2017. Her debut novel Jam on the Vine (Grove Atlantic 2015), was an Editor's Choice pick at the Chicago Tribune, was awarded the Stonewall Honor Award by the American Library Association, won Elle Magazine’s Belle Lettres 2015 Reader’s Prize, and earned her the Emerging Writers Award at the 2015 Tennessee Williams Literary Festival. A scholar of music of the African diaspora, Barnett has conducted over 100 interviews with women musicians, resulting in the volumes, I Got Thunder: Black Women Songwriters On Their Craft (2007) and Off The Record: Conversations with African American and Brazilian Women Musicians (2015). While affiliated with the DHC, Barnett will be working on a biography of native-Chicagoan jazz vocalist, Abbey Lincoln (1930-2010).

Visiting Fellows

Stefan Vander Elst

Stefan Vander Elst is Associate Professor of English at the University of San Diego, and Director of USD’s Program in Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Professor Vander Elst’s time as a Visiting Fellow at the DHC is focused on the completion of his book, The Knight, The Cross, and the Song: Chivalric Literature and Crusade Propaganda, Twelfth–Fourteenth Centuries. This book will be the first work to discuss systematically the influence of secular literary forms on Crusade propaganda and ideology in the Middle Ages. Though most contemporary scholarship regards the Crusade as primarily a religious concern, Professor Vander Elst argues that from the very beginning of the Crusades both clerical and lay propaganda used chivalric literature to appeal to issues beyond religious devotion as parallel motivations for the Crusades, including imagined territorial rights, national exceptionalism, duty to family, and—due to the influence and increasing popularity of chivalric romance among knights—notions of love and “secular adventure in the service of women.”

Georges Bigot

As an actor in the Théâtre du Soleil, Georges Bigot performed under the direction of Ariane Mnouchkine from 1981 to 1992, notably in Richard II and Henry IV by William Shakespeare. In 1986, he received the National Critics Syndicate’s award for best actor for his role of King Norodom Sihanouk. A frequent collaborator with Helene Cixous and Tim Robbins, Bigot is known not only as an acclaimed actor, but as a dancer, director, and producer. Bigot has directed several theater stages around the world (USA, Brazil, Chile, Singapore, Mali, Cambodia, France, etc.) and has taught at the University of Bordeaux III from 1993 to 2001 where he federated the actors who later formed Le Petit Theatre de Pain. During his tenure as a Visiting International Fellow at the DHC, Bigot will be conducting a mask-making workshop and holding open rehearsals, collaborating with DePaul, The Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, and Theatre Y in an upcoming stage production.

DePaul Faculty Fellows

Barrie Jean Borich

Barrie Jean Borich , English
"Oh. Exhalations of a City," a long-form literary essay

Rebecca Johns-Trissler

Rebecca Johns-Trissler , English
"Prophetstown," a novel

Elizabeth Millan Brusslan

Elizabeth Millan Brusslan , Philosophy 
"Jens Jensen's Chicago Legacy: A Poetry of Nature"

Kevin Thompson

Kevin Thompson , Philosophy 
"Intolerable: Michel Foucault and the Prisons Information Group"

Visiting Fellow

Taja-Nia Y. Henderson

Taja-Nia Y. Henderson is an associate professor of law at Rutgers School of Law, Newark, New Jersey. Her teaching and research interests are in legal history, property (including slavery around the world), punishment and prisoner reentry. Professor Henderson's work has appeared in N.Y.U. Law Review, Lewis & Clark Law Review, Columbia Journal of Race & Law, Maryland Law Journal of Race, Religion, Gender and Class, and the Law & History Review. During her time with the Humanities Center, she will continue work on a book manuscript from her dissertation, "Crucibles of Discontent: Penal Practice in the Shadow of Slavery, Virginia, 1796-1865."


DePaul Faculty Fellows

James Fairhall

James Fairhall , English 
James Joyce, Ecology, and Relationships between Human Beings and Nature

Heidi J. Nast

Heidi J. Nast , International Studies 
Pet-i-filia, Volumes 1 and 2

Franklin Perkins

Franklin Perkins , Philosophy 
The Many Lives of the Daodejing

Christopher Tirres

Christopher Tirres , Religious Studies 
Portraits of Liberation Across the Latino/a Americas

Visiting Fellow

Nicole Anderson

Nicole Anderson , Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, is the co-founding editor of the Derrida Today Journal, published by Edinburgh University Press. She is an international fellow of the London Graduate School and a member of the Biocultures Project at University of Illinois at Chicago. Anderson has recently published "Derrida: Ethics Under Erasure" (Continuum 2012).

DePaul Faculty Fellows

Black Hawk Hancock

Black Hawk Hancock, Sociology
On the Lower Frequencies: Ralph Ellison and the Question of American Identity

Michele Morano

Michele Morano, English
Thirteen Ways of Thinking About Love: A Literary Essay

James H. Murphy

James H. Murphy, English
The Dublin Quartet: A Cultural, Intellectual and Literary History

Elizabeth Rottenberg

Elizabeth Rottenberg, Philosophy
From Death Drive to Death Penalty: Jacques Derrida and the Future of Psychoanalysis

Roshanna Sylvester

Roshanna Sylvester, History
Stargazing: Schoolgirls, Science, and Technology in Cold War America and the Soviet Union

David Lay Williams

David Lay Williams, Political Science
Spinoza's Political Theory: Republics of Fear, Love, and Reason