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Non-thesis Final Project

The terms thesis and dissertation are often used synonymously. At DePaul University, to facilitate registration and other requirements, thesis is used for the research and document required for the master's degree in many departments and programs. If students are not required to complete a thesis or dissertation, they may be required by their program to complete a final project. Non-thesis/dissertation final projects do not require publication, but the LAS Graduate Student Services Office must be informed of the student's successful completion.

All forms referenced in these requirements can be found in the Forms Library. This page contains information you will need about non-thesis final project requirements from the inception to the completion of your project.

  1. The graduate student must have a preliminary conference with his/her departmental graduate advisor/director to decide on a research topic and faculty director of the projected project.
  2. Once the research topic and director have been chosen, the student must submit a project proposal: a written formal statement of the topic and plan of execution for the research. Your advisor/director will let you know what form the proposal should take.
  3. The composition of the committee that will supervise your project should be worked out between you and your director. The number of members needed on a project committee may vary; check with your advisor.
  4. Upon the completion of the dissertation, students MUST initiate the committee approval process by filling out the Final Requirements Confirmation. All committee members must approve the dissertation. (Detailed instructions on how to fill out the form can be found after logging in to the Final Requirements Confirmation page.)