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Application Process

​If you wish to apply for an NSEP/ Boren Scholarship, you should take the following steps:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the NSEP Boren Scholarship. In particular, spend a considerable about of time visiting the applicant resources section of the Boren website.
  2. Once you are familiar with Boren's requirements, seek out faculty advisers that can help you prepare your application. Also, reach out to the DePaul Boren campus representative. A key to success in the Boren competition is coming up with a clear statement of purpose, which requires assistance from faculty experts.
  3. Begin preparing your application materials. You should start by drafting your essays and contacting professors that will write your letters of recommendation. There are extensive guidelines on the Boren website for each of the application components. Be sure to adhere closely to the guidelines.
  4. Complete the online application by the campus deadline, which is usually the first Friday of January. The application includes a study abroad section, budget section, and two statements of purpose. Please see the Boren website for more specific instructions.
  5. Work with the campus representative to schedule a campus interview. In mid-January, you will be interviewed by a committee composed of DePaul faculty. This interview is not intended to be high-pressure, but it is an important part of the application process. It is a way for you to demonstrate that you have a well-crafted application and are prepared for overseas study.
  6. Submit your final application. The application deadline is in early February. If you submit through DePaul, you need to have all final materials with the campus representative well before the final deadline. Applicants should submit all materials through DePaul to receive the benefit of the campus ranking. IIE does not encourage students who have missed the campus deadline to submit an application individually, but they will process all applications submitted by the February deadline.


  • Summer/ Fall: Reach out to faculty advisers that can help you with your essays and write your letters of recommendation. Contact the DePaul campus representative for assistance.
  • Fall: Work with campus representative and faculty advisers to revise your essays and strengthen your application.
  • Early January: Submit your application materials to the DePaul campus representative. Contact the representative for the exact campus deadline.
  • Mid-January: Conduct interview with DePaul campus Committee.
  • Early February: Submit final application materials. Check the Boren website for the official deadline.

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