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Application Process

To apply for the Carnegie Junior Fellows Program, you must be nominated by DePaul University.  You cannot apply directly to Carnegie.  If you wish to apply, take the following steps:​​

  1. Visit the Carnegie Junior Fellows Program website and familiarize yourself with the program.  Make sure that you meet all the eligibility criteria and that there is an assignment that is appropriate for you given your academic background.  If you do not have significant amount of coursework in one of the assignment areas, you will not be competitive.
  2. Contact the campus representative to obtain application materials.  An application consists of: application form, 1-2 page resume, two letters of recommendation, transcripts of undergraduate records, and two essays.  You can only get an application from the campus representative.  Carnegie does not provide applications directly to students.
  3. Submit all application materials are due to campus representative by the campus deadline in early January​.  The campus representative will select the two most competitive candidates for nomination.  In some cases, an interview may be required to select the nominees. If you are nominated by DePaul, your final application materials will be submitted to Carnegie (by the campus representative) right away.  A Carnegie Selection committee will then choose 3-4 applicants per position for an interview.  These finalists will be interviewed in February and early March.  The final decisions will be announced in late March.  The fellowship typically begins on August 1.​


  • October through January: Work on application essays and consult with campus representative
  • mid-December: Application is due to the DePaul campus representative.
  • mid-January: Applications are due to Carnegie
  • February through early March: Selected candidates are interviewed by Carnegie
  • late March: Final selections are made and candidates notified