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Application Process

If you are considering applying for a Truman Scholarship, you should take the following steps.
  1. Familiarize yourself with eligibility and selection criteria and visit Truman's website "Are you a Potential Truman Scholar?"
  2. Contact the DePaul Truman Fellowship campus adviser. You must be registered with the Truman Foundation before you can receive the online application and instructions.
  3. Complete the online application and submit the application electronically by the campus deadline, typically the first week of January. When you submit the application, it will go to the campus adviser and NOT to the Truman Foundation.   As you prepare your application, follow the Truman Foundation’s advice and guidance very closely.  You should also seek out DePaul faculty members and the campus adviser to review your application.
  4. In addition to completing the online application, you should  submit the relevant documents to the campus Advisor by the campus deadline.  The documents must be uploaded and submitted with your final application.  This includes official transcript (with Fall grades) and three letters of recommendation on the appropriate letter of recommendation forms.  The forms are available via the online application.  Among your three recommendation letters, you must have one with each of the following areas of emphasis: commitment to a career in public service, intellect and prospects for continuing academic success, ​and leadership abilities and potential. You should make sure that each of your recommenders knows which area she is emphasizing so that her letter addresses the appropriate subject. 
  5. Work with the campus adviser to schedule a campus interview.  In January, you will be interviewed by a committee composed of DePaul faculty members.  This interview is an important part of the application process.  Based on this interview, the DePaul Truman committee will select the four students that DePaul is eligible to nominate.  The committee will also generate a letter of institutional nomination that will be uploaded as part of your application.
  6. The campus faculty adviser will submit the final application materials by the final deadline in early February.
  7. In late February, Finalists will be announced on the Truman website.  Each Finalist will be invited to an intense 20-minute interview during which panelists and a Foundation representative asks questions.  The Finalist is generally asked to make a brief closing statement. Occasionally students are called back for a second interview for the purposes of clarification.  The interview aims to enable the Finalist to reveal her understanding of issues, breadth and limits of knowledge, thought processes, and analytical abilities.  Interviewers often take issue with one or two statements in the application; your policy proposal essay is often heavily featured in your interview.  The interviews are serious and challenging.  Sample interview questions are listed here; keys to a successful candidacy, including the interview, are listed here.
  8. In March, the Truman Foundation will conduct Finalist Regional Interviews. Following the interviews, the Truman Scholars will be announced on the Foundation’s website.


  • Summer/ Fall:  Reach out to faculty advisers that can help you with your essays and write your letters of recommendation.  Contact the DePaul campus adviser for assistance. 

  • Fall:  Work with campus representative and faculty advisers to revise your essays and strengthen your application.

  • early January:  Submit your application materials to the DePaul campus representative.  Contact the representative for the exact campus deadline.

  • mid-January:  Conduct interview with DePaul campus Committee.

  • early February: Submit final application materials.  Check the Truman website for the official deadline.