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Advising Resources

Academic Calendar  Important deadlines and dates for the current academic year
Academic Catalog and Student Handbook Academic program requirements and student rights and responsibilities
DePaul Central's Learning Center Videos to assist students with navigating DePaul resources such as the Degree Progress Report, University Catalog, registration, etc.
DePaul Statement on Academic Advising  Description of DePaul's academic advising philosophy
GPA Calculator  Tool to assist in projecting your term GPA

The documents below were created by professional staff advisors in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences to assist their major field students in navigating situations at DePaul. Although these documents were customized for their majors, these tips and resources are applicable to all students at DePaul.

Document Description
How To Ask For A Letter Of Recommendation   Tips on how to request a letter of recommendation from a professor or advisor
What To Do If You're Falling Behind In Class   Steps to take if you have fallen behind in your classes
How To Talk To Your Professors   Tips on how to approach your professor to discuss your progress in class or any other concerns