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Degree Options


The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences offers a variety of majors. Once students have decided on a major, they should formally declare that major and meet with a LAS Undergraduate College Office or faculty advisor to develop a comprehensive plan of study.

Double Major

A double major allows students to pursue majors in two different areas of study in their home college and/or across colleges or schools at DePaul. Students must fulfill the major field requirements in both majors to earn the degree associated with the primary major.

If pursuing a double major across colleges consultation with advisors in both colleges or schools is strongly encouraged.

You must declare each major through the online declaration tool available through Campus Connect.

Second Bachelor's (Dual) Degree

Students interested in pursuing a second bachelor's degree may be able to do so if they meet the necessary requirements. It is strongly recommended that students meet with a LAS Undergraduate College Office or faculty advisor to discuss this option.

Combined Bachelor’s + Master's Degree Programs

DePaul offers a number of combined bachelor’s + master’s degree programs. See the DePaul University Catalog for a list of programs.


Most departments offer minor fields of study. Minors are not mandatory. A minor consists of a set of courses introductory to the field plus another set of more specialized courses. Most minors require six courses, some of which may also be counted for Liberal Studies credit. Minors are open to students in all colleges and departments; however, students may not minor in the same department in which they major.​