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Transfer Credit Approval Request

​Please download the Supplemental Transfer Credit Approval Form.  Before you complete the form, save it to your computer. Complete and save the form and submit it, along with any required documentation, such as course descriptions or syllabi, to​.

*Note: It is helpful to maintain the form in writable format which requires Adobe Acrobat Pro. If you do not have access to Adobe Acrobat Pro on your home computer, please complete it on any DePaul University computer.

Students planning to take one or more courses at another institution (e.g., taking summer courses at a community college) must submit a TCAR form prior to enrolling in the course(s). This is a pre-approval process intended solely for current students who plan to enroll in these courses in the future. If you have already completed coursework that has not yet been submitted to DePaul, have a copy of the transcript mailed to DePaul Admission or contact TrAC for more information.

Please read the following instructions carefully.

  • If you plan to take courses through a non-DePaul study abroad program, you are required to meet with a Study Abroad advisor. Please contact the Study Abroad Program office before proceeding.
  • If your total quarter hours earned, including the credit you will earn at another institution, equals or exceeds 132 quarter hours, your request will prompt the College Office to obtain an exception to the Senior Residency policy on your behalf. You will not need to apply for this additional exception.

TCAR forms may take up to three weeks to process. Requests submitted during registration periods may experience a delay in processing. Please plan accordingly.

The TCAR Form is optimized for Adobe Reader XI or higher.​