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HumanitiesX Hosts Public Philosopher Agnes Callard

​​​​​On January 25, 2021, HumanitiesX and DePaul’s Department of Philosophy hosted philosopher Agnes Callard for an event focused on public writing and the public work of academics during the pandemic. The conversation took place via webinar and was open to both the DePaul community and the public. Callard is an Associate Professor in Philosophy at the University of Chicago and writes column on public philosophy for The Point 

The panel featured a short talk in which Callard described her work and what it means to do public philosophy in times of crisis and change. In addition to her remarks, Callard engaged with respondents from DePaul, led by History professor Dr. Margaret Storey. Questions were on topics ranging from the risks and rewards of public writing—a practice that, Callard said, allows academics to  “test out their ideas… and keep hold of what is important about their ideato how students can engage with political and social issues in humanities courses. The conversation also featured an audience Q&A

Stay tuned for more programming from HumanitiesX!​