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​The following graduate assistantship opportunity is offered by The Grace School of Applied Diplomacy for qualified and selected candidates. Please open the link below to find out more details.​​​​​

The Grace School of Applied Diplomacy (DPL) Graduate Assistant Review Committee awards assistantships after a careful review of the written application and interviews with selected applicants. Multiple assistantships will be awarded for the 2022-2023 academic year. Preference will be given to newly admitted students, but current students are also encouraged to apply. The committee judges applicants on their academic achievement, research and writing skills, and ability to work effectively with faculty and other students. Students will be invited to work with the department at-large and specific faculty on research projects throughout the year.

A full-time graduate research assistant in DPL is required to work 10hrs/week for each quarter (fall, winter and spring) of the academic year. Work will not take place during winter or summer break. Please note you must be aware of your hourly limits regarding other on-campus positions and any visa requirements or limitations. The student chosen as a GA will receive both a monetary stipend and a tuition waiver. The tuition waiver amounts to two, 4 credit hour graduate courses per quarter for each quarter worked as a GA. Summer courses may not be covered by this award. Graduate Assistants must be enrolled in a minimum of two, 4-credit hour courses each quarter to be considered.  

Students who are full-time employees of DePaul University are not eligible for this assistantship. Graduate assistants that are eligible for the Double Demon Discount or other DePaul tuition reimbursement(s) may not use this award concurrently with other DePaul tuition benefits. Students receiving tuition remission from their employer or another entity may not use this award concurrently with that offer.

The deadline to apply for this graduate assistantship opportunity is midnight, 4/15/2022, through this link within DePaul's Scholarship Connect portal.

If you have any questions, please contact