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Graduate Internships

Internships in Writing and Publishing

MAE and MAWP students can qualify for a variety of internships, receiving significant on-the-job experience in such areas as research, writing, editing, publishing, law, corporate communications, non-profit work, and library science. Students have worked with book publishers, literary agencies, magazines, museums, in public relations, theater, and TV; they have also worked as research assistants with poets, novelists, nonfiction writers, and professors on various book projects. Please contact Prof. Chris Green, director of internships, for more information.

Most internships are non-paying, though some offer a stipend. Students can receive as many as 4 hours of credit toward their degree. Students might locate an internship on their own or receive assistance from Professor Green. Professor Green will send students emails about quarterly internship opportunities. To receive credit, your internship will need to consist of substantive work (i.e. editing, writing, reading, etc., and requires approximately 10-15 hours of week for ten weeks or 100-150 hours). 

Once Professor Green has approved your internship for credit, you register via the following link: You will be registering for an online course: ENG 509 English Dept. Internships. See the class description below:

ENG 509, “Internship in English,” is a four-credit online course designed to complement your English course of study along with your internship experience (100 hours of internship work). Using literature, film, and career guides, the class explores both academic and pragmatic aspects of work. We will analyze definitions of and strategies for career success, what makes work meaningful, the positive and negative power of technology in the workplace, and issues of ethics and social justice for employers and employees. Most practically, we will explore current career opportunities for English graduates and reflect on your ideal career paths, ask you to create job-finding strategies, and improve your resume and cover letter writing along with your interviewing skills. Ultimately, we will relate our readings and discussions to your internship and apply what we learn to your future career. There is no pre-requisite or prior knowledge needed to take this course.

Internships in Two-Year College Teaching

MAE and MAWP students may apply for an English-teaching internship at a Chicago-area two-year college. This internship provides the practical teaching experience needed to be competitive in a crowded job market. The internship provides a hands-on, closely mentored experience alongside an expert instructor. Teaching interns learn how to plan and conduct classes, design a syllabus, create assignments, and grade papers. The internship lasts a full semester; frequently, interns are hired by their college as an adjunct faculty member upon completing the M.A. degree. 

Teaching internships are non-paying; a few offer a small stipend to offset travel expenses. The on-site internship lasts a full semester (16 weeks).

Once Professor Goffman has approved your internship for credit, she will initiate the registration process. You will be registering for an online course: ENG 509 Two-Year College Teaching. 

ENG 509: Independent Study in Two-Year College Teaching is a one-quarter, 4-credit class. The on-site internship at your two-year college includes attending every class and working closely with the mentor; the online component, taught by Dr. Goffman, includes practice, philosophy, and history of community college teaching; readings and online discussion; a teaching journal and teaching portfolio; and a reflective essay which can serve as a template for a job application letter. Since internships span a full semester (16 weeks), students receive an "R" grade in ENG 509 until all parts are completed.

Our college partners in the internship program include (in Chicago) Wilbur Wright College, Truman College, Harold Washington College, and Olive-Harvey College; College of Lake County; South Suburban College; and Robert Morris University.

Before applying for an internship, please consult with Dr. Carolyn Goffman (; 773-325-8688) about how the internship will fit into your academic program. After that, you may send her these application materials electronically:

  • Cover letter explaining your interest in the internship program
  • Curriculum vitae (résumé)
  • Sample of writing (such as a class paper)
  • Copies of undergraduate and graduate transcripts
Please contact Prof. Carolyn Goffman, director of two-year college internships, for more information.

English Department Internships




  • Albert Whitman & Co.
  • Roebling Point Books
  • Featherproof Books
  • Alarm Press
  • Endless Obsession Productions
  • Switchback Books
  • Academy of Chicago Publishers
  • Independent Publishers Group
  • Anaphora Literary Press
  • Triumph Books
  • CCLaP

Research Assistants for Authors

  • Don DeGrazia
  • Barry Silesky
  • John Bresland
  • S.L. Wisenberg
  • Peggy Shinner
  • Eula Biss
  • Alez Kotlowitz
  • Natasha Tarpley
  • Achy Obejas
  • Jonathan Eig
  • Ann Stafford
  • Gioia Diliberto
  • Rebecca Johns-Trissler
  • Zach Dodson
  • Janet Milstein
  • Wendy McClure
  • Tony Trigilio
  • Golda Goldbloom
  • Rebeca Makkai

Literary Organizations

  • Open Books
  • 826CHI
  • Chicago Literary Hall of Fame
  • Dana Kaye Publicity
  • Chicago Literary Alliance
  • Story Studio
  • Young Chicago Authors
  • Chicago Writers Association
  • Words Without Borders
  • Guild Complex

Literary Performance

  • Improv Olympics
  • Pleasuretown Literary Performance
  • Story Club
  • The Encyclopedia Show
  • This Much Is True/Story Lab


  • WGCI Radio
  • Incarcerated Voices Freeform Radio
  • DePaul Writing Center
  • Chicago Mayor's Office
  • React Presents
  • FanFueled
  • Norman e Ventures
  • Orum & Roth Law Firm
  • June Media
  • Prather Ebner Law Firm
  • Tails Pet Media Group
  • Leisure Group Travel
  • BAI
  • Roosevelt High School
  • Olivet Nazarene University
  • Kapow Events
  • Knowledge Is Power