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Standard Concentration

Course Requirements

Lower Division Courses

Students must take five courses at the 100- or 200-level. Note that the 200-level courses are not more difficult than the 100.  The 100-level indicates that the course examines global history or large regions of the world. The 200-level indicates that the course has a narrower national or thematic focus. Note: HON 102 HISTORY IN GLOBAL CONTEXTS may be counted toward this lower division requirement.


History majors should take HST 298 at the beginning of their sophomore year, after they have completed two or three of their lower-division courses as well as WRD 103 and WRD 104.  Transfer students should plan on registering for HST 298 as soon as possible.

*Important Note: Students must complete WRD 103 and WRD 104 or HON 101 prior to enrolling in HST 298. For all concentrations, HON 102 may be counted toward lower division requirements.

Upper Division Courses

Once they have completed HST 298, students take six HST courses at the 300 level. For the Standard Concentration, these classes can be on any historical subject. One of the 300 level classes must be a gateway course linked to HST 390. Note that HST 390 counts as a capstone and not as one of the six 300 level HST courses.​

History majors cap off their studies with HST 390 CAPSTONE IN HISTORICAL RESEARCH AND WRITING, a course in deep and sustained historical research and writing. To prepare for this capstone, one of the six 300-level HST classes must be part of a two-quarter linked sequence (called the “gateway course”). Students are strongly encouraged to take this sequence either in their junior or senior year bearing in mind that the gateway HST 390s are reliably offered only in Autumn-Winter and Winter-Spring. Not all 300-level HST courses are gateways to the HST 390 capstone, so students should refer to the History Department web page and postings in SAC 420 for applicable offerings. HST 299 is a prerequisite for HST 390.

One Additional Course

Students will take one additional HST course in either the lower or upper division.

Open Electives

Open elective credit is also required to meet the minimum graduation requirement of 192 hours.


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