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Undergraduate FAQ

The Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (LAS) College Office has advisors who will assist you with general University requirements such as Liberal studies and Learning Domain requirements, assessment test results, transfer credit approvals and applying for graduation. To make an appointment with an LAS academic advisor, call 773/325-7310. You may also visit the office at 2352 N. Clifton, Suite 130, Chicago, IL 60614.

If you have a general advising question, you can email the LAS College Office:

Experiential learning work may take place in a regularly scheduled course or an approved internship, or in an independent study format approved on a case-by-case basis. For more information, visit the Liberal Studies Web site.
Classroom assignments are usually posted online at Campus Connection a few days before classes begin. For the most up-to-date information, check your course schedule for your classroom assignment the day before or the day of classes. Classroom assignments are also posted in most academic buildings on the first day of class.

Whether you are trying to register online or do a class search, the schedule will tell you if the class is open or closed.

If you want admission into a closed class, you must get consent from that professor. The best way to contact a professor is usually via e-mail. To find your professor consult the DePaul Directory. In your e-mail request, you must provide the professor with your name, e-mail address, student ID number and the specific class info (name, number, days and times) as well as a brief explanation as to why you need permission to enroll in the class. If approved, the class will be added manually by the LAS College Office. If you have a financial hold on your account, you cannot be added to the class even if you have permission. It is your responsibility to clear any holds from your account before you attempt to register. You may not be added to classes after the last day to add for the quarter.

There is no guarantee that you will be allowed to join a closed class, but it is always a good idea to ask.

You declare your major through the Liberal Arts & Social Sciences College Web site. To declare or change your major, go to LAS Undergraduate Declaration of Major, Minor and/or Concentration and complete the online form.

If you have basic questions regarding the program, you may contact the INT office.

Contact the INT Intake Advisor.  The INT Intake Advisor will discuss what you want to study in INT and will assign you to a permanent INT Major Field Advisor.  You must contact the INT Intake Advisor in order to be assigned to a major field advisor because you design your concentration based on your chosen field of study in consultation with an INT faculty member.

You will work with your permanent INT Major Field Advisor to develop a five course concentration and to have your concentration courses approved so you can graduate. You may not choose or take all of your concentration courses at once, so you will need to meet with your major field advisor at least every other quarter until you graduate. Once you have chosen and either taken or registered for your approved concentration courses, they will email your list of approved concentration courses to LAS Advising, the Intake Advisor (so that a copy of the list can be placed in your file) and you. You should also meet with an LAS College Academic Advisor at least every other quarter to ensure that you are on track with and fulfilling your Liberal Studies classes, electives and other University requirements.

Always bring an updated Credit Evaluation and recent Course History Report to any and all advising appointments.
Your INT major field advisor is completely different from a Liberal Arts & Social Sciences College advisor. INT advisors assist you with your major field requirements and general course selection. The LAS advisors assist you with general academic advising and University requirements.

Your INT advisor will be listed on Campus Connection.

If you know your advisor’s name but you do not have their contact information, you can search for faculty, staff, students and department contact information online with the DePaul Directory.