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Major Requirements

Course Requirements

Individualized Concentration (5 courses)

All international studies majors are required to complete a twenty-credit  individualized concentration designed in consultation with their faculty advisors.  This concentration provides students with a depth of knowledge on a particular theme, approach, region, and/or question of some international importance. The concentration is restricted to 300-level INT courses (including cross-listed courses), with the following exceptions:

  • Study Abroad: Up to eight credits (two courses) from Study Abroad may be counted toward the concentration, if approved in advance by the student's faculty advisor. 
  • Double Majors/Minors: Up to eight credits (two courses) in a double major or minor can be applied to the concentration, if approved in advance by the student's faculty advisor.

Second Language Proficiency

Proficiency in a language other than English is required and can be demonstrated through passing grades in college coursework through the intermediate (second-year) level, up to and including 106. Students who enter the program with second language skills developed outside of formal college coursework may petition the director to demonstrate proficiency by examination in order to satisfy the language requirement. The assessment and proficiency tests can be taken on Campus Connect.

​Open Electives

Open elective credit is also required to meet the minimum graduation requirement of 192 hours. International Studies majors have 60 open elective credit hours. Courses taken to meet the second language proficiency requirement count as electives. 


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