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Double Majors & Minors

Students wishing to obtain a minor or a second major in another program or department are required to meet the guidelines set by that program or department. Courses for a minor or second major can be drawn from a student's open electives, allied fields, Liberal Studies requirements, or their primary major. Note that in some cases, a double major may require more credit hours to complete than the ordinary minimum number needed for graduation. A C- grade or better is required in all courses taken for any major or minor. For information about how to declare an Islamic World Studies Major or Minor via Campus Connect, please review the LAS Declaration of Major, Minor & Concentration page.
Yes, minor and second major courses can be drawn from anywhere, but no more than half of your Islamic World Studies courses can count toward a second major.
Yes. See the LAS College Office for options and details. To request additional information and/or to set up an appointment, send an e-mail to:
All Islamic World Studies majors must take IWS 395 to meet departmental major requirements, regardless of whether they also take a capstone course in another department.  Double-majors should meet with the advisor for the second major to determine if that department's capstone course must also be taken.