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A minimum of 192 credit hours are required to graduate, the equivalent of 48 4-hour courses. In some cases, for a variety of reasons such as late major declaration or inapplicable transfer credits for example, students may need more courses than the minimum in order to graduate.
The Degree Progress Report (DPR), accessible through Campus Connect, lists all degree requirements that have been completed, are in progress, or that remain incomplete. Please check your DPR regularly and contact your advisor if there are any discrepancies or if you have any questions. Transfer students in particular should closely examine their DPR for accuracy as errors frequently occurr during the process of articulating transfer credits.
At least the last 60 quarter hours must be earned in residency at DePaul University. The senior year residency requirement excludes the application of CLEP, AP or IB credits to the final 60 credit hours of course work. At least one half of the major field course work must be completed at DePaul.

As independent study?
Yes. This is DePaul credit

As internship credit (“Experiential Learning”)?
The University Internship Program offers online LSP 250 and LSP 350 courses for students living more than 50 miles from campus.

Through a Study Abroad program?
Yes, but only for DePaul-sponsored programs. If it’s a non-DePaul-sponsored program, this is considered transfer credit (see below)

Through transfer credit?
Only in unusual circumstances and after completing a Transfer Credit Approval Request.
Students can apply for graduation when they have completed 132 hours of credit (i.e., when they have reached senior standing). The deadline for degree conferral is generally about six months prior to the anticipated graduation date.
Detailed information about conferral and commencement are displayed to the student when he/she applies for degree conferral through Campus Connection. The steps for degree conferral may be reviewed on the LAS Degree Conferral Site.