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Tutoring & Language Learning Center

Free tutoring service is available in the Department of Modern Languages (MOL).  

  • Students currently enrolled in a DePaul language course are eligible to arrange for up to two appointments a week (one hour per session) with a language tutor in said language (e.g., SPN class = SPN language tutor)
  • Each tutor holds one-on-one meetings with students by appointment in the Language Learning Center (SAC 305).
  • Tutors are generally available 8am-8pm, Monday through Friday each quarter (although specific hours may vary by language).
  • Our tutors provide the following language-related assistance:
    • Helping improve students’ pronunciation;
    • Explaining grammar structures;
    • Practicing conversational skills;
    • Assisting with reading assignments;
    • Helping with writing assignments;
    • Offering other language-related support in all academic subjects.

To make a tutoring appointment, please call (773) 325-1888 or stop by the Language Learning Center (SAC 305).

Become a Language Tutor!

Tutor candidates are recommended by language professors, and then reviewed by the tutor coordinators in the Department of Modern Languages (MOL) using the criteria listed below. Beginning July 1, 2016, tutors will receive $10.50 per hour for their services. Tutors must be eligible for employment as student workers at DePaul. To apply, contact the tutor coordinator in your language:

Minimum Requirements:

  • At least sophomore status.
  • Advanced foreign language proficiency as measured by one of the following:
    • coursework at the 300 level in the language,
    • language proficiency test scores, or
    • (for native speakers) interview with tutor coordinator.
  • Recommendation by a faculty member in MOL in the relevant language.

Additional (Preferred) Criteria:

  • Study abroad experience in the relevant language.
  • Declared language major or minor.
  • Participation in other MOL events, activities, and programs.

Language Tutor Expectations:

  • Attend one of the New Tutor Orientations in late summer/early fall and one follow-up training/reflection session during the Autumn quarter.
  • Meet with students by appointment and follow the established guidelines for tutoring sessions.
  • Maintain a high level of professionalism and submit tutoring reports.