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Academic Advising

Academic advising at DePaul helps students achieve their educational, personal and career goals by providing guidance and assistance in the decision-making process. Academic advising is most effective when all participants anticipate their future needs, commit to the process, do their part and then reflect on their results. Students should work closely with their advisors to plan workable educational goals, to understand the degree options and requirements, to understand the financial implications of their decisions, to assess their strengths and challenges as scholars, and to clarify realistic career objectives for themselves upon graduation.

Students with a language major will be assigned a faculty advisor in their language program, in addition to having Corban Sánchez as a staff advisor. Faculty advisors are full-time tenured/tenure-track faculty who serve as mentors to students in their respective language fields. Corban is here to assist with technical/logistical needs such as degree progress, class scheduling and navigating university resources, in addition to assistance with educational, personal and career goals.

For more on how to work effectively with your faculty and staff advisors, please review our Advising Guidelines

Staff Advisor

Welcome to the Department of Modern Languages! I'm excited to serve as your staff advisor and look forward to exploring your interests and goals.  In case you may be interested in learning more about how we can best work together, please consider reviewing my advising philosophy.

Things to remember when working with me:

  1. Please provide your full name, ID#, cell#, major(s) and/or minor(s) in all emails.
  2. My typical office hours are Monday ~ Friday; Autumn, Winter and Spring Quarters; 7:30AM-3:30PM and 8:30AM-4:30PM in the summer.
  3. Walk-in's are ok, but appointments are preferred; no walk-ins after 3PM. 
  4. To set up an appointment, log in to Campus Connect and select Bluestar (under student resources). For appointment instructions, click here.
  5. The first two weeks of every quarter are generally very busy with class scheduling changes. If you want more quality time to discuss your interests and goals, please schedule an appointment in weeks 3, 4, 7~10 and finals week. Weeks 5 and 6 are busy with class registration for the upcoming quarter, making longer discussions a challenge.

Office Location & Contact Info

2320 North Kenmore Avenue
Schmitt Academic Center, suite 310
Chicago, IL 60614

Please be sure to check in at the front desk upon your arrival. The receptionist will call me and I will come out to the lobby to greet you. If you have an appointment and a receptionist is not at the front desk, please ring the bell and I'll come out to get you for your scheduled appointment time.

Corban Sanchez 773-325-8673
If you wish to Skype with me (can be very useful when sharing screens to show where to go/how to do things online), please email me with your Skype username and I will add you to my contact list to enable you to Skype me.

Front desk: 773-325-7320
Department of Modern Languages, Suite 310

Faculty Advisor

To schedule an appointment with your faculty advisor, please email her/him your days and times of availability. Your faculty advisor assignment can be found in Campus Connect under Bluestar, My Success Network.  To learn more about your faculty advisor (i.e., research interests, professional experiences, publications), please visit our faculty profile pages. Learn more about how to develop a relationship with your faculty by reviewing sources online, such as this one by the APA.

Faculty advisors are assigned after your language major is officially declared.​