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DUOS Awards

​Liberal Passions: On the Foundations of Social Contract Theory and their Neoliberal Vicissitudes*

Graduate Student:         Ashley Fleshman
Undergraduate Student:    Margaret Nicosia
Faculty Advisor:         Peg Birmingham, Ph.D.

Queerness as disruption of aesthetic realms: modern and contemporary approaches to the beautiful and compulsory heterosexualism.*
Graduate Student:         Miguel Gualdrón
Undergraduate Student:     Kelsey Cruz
Faculty Advisor:         María Acosta, Ph.D.

Reason, Passion, and Alienation in Hegel and Sartre*
Graduate Student:         Rachel Silverbloom
Undergraduate Student:    Dominic Blanco
Faculty Advisor:         Frédéric Seyler, Ph.D.

On the Relationship between Kant's Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals and Critique of Practical Reason
Graduate Student:        Khafiz Kerimov
Undergraduate Student:     Nathaniel Leonhardt
Faculty Advisor:         Avery Goldman, Ph.D.

Laughing Matters: Philosophy's Other Bodies
Graduate Student:        María Salvador
Undergraduate Student:     Jude Lee
Faculty Advisor:         Fanny Söderbäck, Ph.D.

Positive Law and Sovereignty
Graduate Student:         Jeta Mulaj
Undergraduate Student:     J Maxwell
Faculty Advisor:         Frédéric Seyler, Ph.D.

"World" in Laozi's Daodejing: A Heideggerian Approach
Undergraduate Student:     Kelly Cunningham
Graduate Student:         Paul Turner
Faculty Advisor:         Sean D. Kirkland, Ph.D.

Deconstruction of the Subject in Heidegger and Derrida
Graduate Student:         David Maruzzella
Undergraduate Student:     Léna Pican
Faculty Advisor:         Elizabeth Rottenberg, Ph.D.

Politics as Peace, Politics as Conflict: Civility as a Political Norm
Graduate Student:        Owen Glyn-Williams
Undergraduate Student:     Akiva Mattenson
Faculty Advisor:         Kevin Thompson, Ph.D.

* Funded by Maimonides Endowment