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DUOS Awards


Aristotle's Natural Teleology

Graduate Student:  Cameron Coates
Undergraduate Student: Student: Alyssa Walker
Faculty Advisor:  Michael Naas, Ph.D.

The Tragic Nature of Philosophy and Art in Nietzsche’s Dionysian Figure and Beyond
Graduate Student: Jennifer Gammage
Undergraduate Student:  Danielle Szabo
Faculty Advisor: Will McNeill, Ph.D.

Kant and Schopenhauer: Comparative Aesthetics and the Question of Feminist Aesthetics
Graduate Student: Amelia Hruby
Undergraduate Student: Brooklynn Leonhardt
Faculty Advisor:  María Acosta, Ph.D.

Foucauldian Biopolitics : Normativity, Visibility and Intelligibility
Graduate Student:  Selin Islekel
Undergraduate Student: Kylie Allen
Faculty Advisor:  Elizabeth Millán, Ph.D.

“Destituent Power and the Ungoverned Life”
Graduate Student:  Kieran Aarons
Undergraduate Student:  Adam Polich
Faculty Advisor: Kevin Thompson, Ph.D.

On Dualism and its Discontents from Plato to Nietzsche
Graduate Student:  Gil Morejon
Undergraduate Student:  Samuel Carroll
Faculty Advisor:  Richard Lee, Ph.D.

The Circularity of Transcendental Reasoning: A Study of the System of Principles in
Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
Graduate Student:  Güçsal Pusar
Undergraduate Student:  Alexander Griffin
Faculty Advisor:  Avery Goldman, Ph.D.

Border Thinking as Anti-Colonial Resistance: Mestizaje, Modernity, and Epistemic
Graduate Student:  María Salvador
Undergraduate Student:  Cynthia Marrero Ramos
Faculty Advisor:  Elizabeth Millán, Ph.D.

The Concept of the Concept in Hegel's "Science of Logic"
Graduate Student:   Jacob Singer
Undergraduate Student:  Bryndahl Weston
Faculty Advisor:   Kevin Thompson Ph.D.


Race, Gender and Capitalism: Social Reproductive Feminism from the 1970s to Present

Graduate Student: Ashley Bohrer
Undergraduate Student: Mary Fanslow
Faculty Advisor: Peg Birmingham

Merleau-Ponty and the Problem of Anthropocentrism
Graduate Student: JD Singer
Undergraduate Student: Kelsey Becker
Faculty Advisor: H. Peter Steeves

The Truth in Laughter: An Examination of the Role of Humor in the Philosophies of G.W.F. Hegel and F. Schlegel and Its Application to the Landscape of Contemporary Stand-Up
Graduate Student: Karolin Mirzakhan
Undergraduate Student: Molly Dannenberg
Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Millán

Being and Letting-Be in Eckhart and in Reiner Schürmann’s Les Origines
Graduate Student: Ian Moore
Undergraduate Student: Hajrije Kolimja
Faculty Advisor: Sean Kirkland

The Problem of Transcendence in Kant and Heidegger
Graduate Student: Güçsal Pusar
Undergraduate Student: Shuang Goh
Faculty Advisor: Avery Goldman

On the Kantian Legacy of Adorno's Negative Dialectic
Graduate Student: Dan Pepe
Undergraduate Student: Rebecca Valeriano-Flores
Faculty Advisor: Sean Kirkland

Fichte and Nietzsche: Selfhood, Creativity, Intersubjectivity
Graduate Student: Evan Edwards
Undergraduate Student: John Paul
Faculty Advisor: Kevin Thompson


Gender, Race, and Temporality

Graduate Student: Marie Draz
Undergraduate Student: Molly Dannenberg
Faculty Advisor: Sean Kirkland, PhD

The Face of the Siren: On the Role of the Ugly in Adorno and Horkheimer’s Critique of the Enlightenment
Graduate Student: James Murphy
Undergraduate Student: Nikolas Paras
Faculty Advisor: Darrell Moore, PhD

The Metaphysical Stance: Heidegger’s Reading of Nietzsche’s Thought of the Eternal Return of the Same
Graduate Student: Gucsal Pusar
Undergraduate Student: James Callahan
Faculty Advisor: Will McNeill, PhD

Experiencing the Past: Continental Feminist Critiques of Linear Time
Graduate Student: Anna Johnson
Undergraduate Student: Mohna Kahn
Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Rottenberg, PhD

Sharing the flesh of the World: Understanding Merleau-Ponty’s Account of the Human-Animal Relationship
Graduate Student: Jonathan Singer
Undergraduate Student: Sarah Cypher
Faculty Advisor: H. Peter Steeves, PhD

Politics without Rights within the Deleuzo-Spinozist Cartography
Graduate Student: Sonya Nihan Ozbey
Undergraduate Student: Sharlene Quintana
Faculty Advisor: Frank Perkins, PhD

Aristotle’s Ideal Polis and Human Happiness: An Inclusive or Exclusive Politics?
Graduate Student: Christopher Turner
Undergraduate Student: Esthefany Archila
Faculty Advisor: Sean Kirkland, PhD

Rejection and Redemption: On the Subject of Late Marxism
Graduate Student: Gil Morejon
Undergraduate Student: Alec Fiorini
Faculty Advisor: Richard Lee, PhD

Music as Philosophy?
Graduate Student: Daniel Rosiak
Undergraduate Student: Nicholas Meryhew
Faculty Advisor: Richard Lee, PhD


Hegel's Aesthetics
Undergraduate student: Charles Rutter
Graduate student: Karolin Mirzakhan
Faculty mentor: Prof. Avery Goldman

A Study of the Themes of Language and Interpretation in Recent Nietzsche Scholarship
Undergraduate student: Kaitlyn Conners
Graduate student: Ali Beheler
Faculty mentor: Prof. Will McNeill

Cinematographic Concepts and Philosophical Imgages: Deleuze and Cinema
Undergraduate student: Sheeroz Kamran
Graduate student: Erik Beranek
Faculty mentor: Prof. Richard Lee

The Question of Order: A Philosophical Reflection on Lanugage and Space in Latin America
Undergraduate student: Benjamin Barajas
Graduate student: Don Deere
Faculty mentor: Prof. Darrell Moore

Is Gelassenheit an Attunement?
Undergraduate student: Logan Breitbart
Graduate student: Ian Moore
Faculty mentor: Prof. Will McNeill

Analytic Accounts of Curiosity
Undergraduate student: Meaghan Lidd Graduate student: Perry Zurn
Faculty mentor: Prof. Elizabeth Millán


Derrida’s Abolitionist Discourse and Its Roots in Nietzsche’s Analysis of Disciplinary Punishment.

Undergraduate student: Jeff Hastings
Graduate student: Perry Zurn
Faculty mentor: Prof. Michael Naas

Human Capital and the Fluctuating Borders between Work and Life
Undergraduate student: Chris Hunton
Graduate student: Kieran Aarons
Faculty mentor: Prof. Kevin Thompson

The Convergence of Psychoanalysis and Philosophy in Derrida’s La peine de mort
Undergraduate student: Robbie Dunevant
Graduate student: Tristan Fischl
Faculty mentor: Prof. Elizabeth Rottenberg

A non-Determinative Account of the Historical Circumstances Surrounding Hume’s Philosophy of Causation
Undergraduate student:Billy Anastopoulos
Graduate student: James Griffith
Faculty mentor: Prof. Richard Lee

Philosophy of Education in the Time of Neo-liberalism
Undergraduate student: Terry Vaughn
Graduate student: Jana McAuliffe
Faculty mentor: Prof. Elizabeth Millán

A Lexicon of Appearances in the Aristotelian Corpus
Undergraduate student: Christopher J. Knoerzer
Graduate student: Jeff Pardikes
Faculty mentor: Prof. Elizabeth Millán


Natural Organisms, Artificial Designs: How to Think of the ‘Natural’ and the “Artificial’ in Spinoza’s Thought

Undergraduate Student: Lauren Taylor
Graduate Student: Sonya Nihan Ozbey
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Franklin Perkins

Acting in the Absence of Metaphysics: A Critical Genealogy of Buddhist Methodologies
Undergraduate Student: Devin Soule
Graduate Student: Rohan Sikri
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Franklin Perkins

A Discourse of the Non-Discursive in Pseudo-Dionysius

Undergraduate Student: Eduardo Lazaro
Graduate Student: Benjamin Frazer-Simser
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Sean Kirkland

Individual and Social Freedom in Hegel’s Political Theory”
Undergraduate Student: Benjamin Wegner
Graduate Student: Thomas Wright
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Kevin Thompson

Methodology and Meta-Critique: Fichte and Hegel on the Nature and Limits of Knowledge
Undergraduate Student: Neil Loomis
Graduate Student: Thomas Krell
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Kevin Thompson

An Annotated Bibliography of Philosophical Interpretations of Descartes’ Imagination
Undergraduate Student: Sarah Prusik
Graduate Student: James Griffith
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Richard A. Lee

The Subject and Power: Hegel, Marx, and Freud in Latin American Philosophy
Undergraduate Student: Ricardo Ortiz
Graduate Student: Don Deere
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Darrell Moore

Foucault’s Curious Post-Confessional Project and its Implications for Postmodern Religious Theory
Undergraduate Student: Stephen Wrenn
Graduate Student: Perry A. Zurn
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Darrell Moore


Heidegger’s ‘World’ in the Work of Arendt and Spivak

Undergraduate Student: Lindsay Ansai
Graduate Student: Rosalie Siemon
Faculty Sponsor: Prof. Peg Birmingham

Violent Animals: Derrida on Animality
Undergraduate Student: Michael Bargo
Graduate Student: Richard Elmore
Faculty Sponsor: Prof. Michael Naas

Appreciating Kant’s ‘Minor’ Works and their Relevance for Social-Political Philosophy Today
Undergraduate Student: David Ellis
Graduate Student: Dilek Huseyinzadegan
Faculty Sponsor: Prof. Elizabeth Millán

Heidegger’s ‘Dasein Analytic’ and Evolutionary Theory
Undergraduate Student: Elizabeth King
Graduate Student: Jonathan Singer
Faculty Sponsor: Prof. H. Peter Steeves

Locating Biopolitics in The Birth of Biopolitics
Undergraduate Student: Colby Lovins
Graudate Student: David Bleeden
Faculty Sponsor: Prof. Peg Birmingham

Self-Deception and Political Violence
Undergraduate Student: Devin Soule
Graduate Student: James Manos
Faculty Sponsor: Prof. Peg Birmingham


Arendt as Thinker of Political Identity

Undergraduate Student: Lindsay Stewart
Graduate Student: Rosalie Siemon
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Namita Goswami

A Lexicon of Stoic Terminology: Early, Modern, and Late
Undergraduate Student: John Kuble-Ball
Graduate Student: Robin Weiss
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Sean Kirkland

Plato's Dialectic
Undergraduate Student: Dan Edelstein
Graduate Student: Jeremy Bell
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Sean Kirkland

Revolution in the Middle East and Latin America
Undergraduate Student: Ali Abbas
Graduate Student: Azadeh Erfani
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Elizabeth Millan-Zaibert

Freud's Concept of Disavowal
Undergraduate Student: Matt Eddington
Graduate Student: James Manos
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Elizabeth Rottenberg

Gilles Deleuze: Preoccupations and Method Undergraduate Student: Casey Ford
Graduate Student: Kieran Aarson
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Kevin Thompson