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Andre Ashmore

Prof. Andre Ashmore has served in senior level positions in several governmental agencies in Illinois, Cook County, and Chicago including the Department of Commerce & Equal Opportunity, the Office of the Governor and the Department of Transportation.  Andre' currently serves as the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer for Cook County, Illinois. Andre has taught public administration and political science courses regularly at Governors State University and at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where he currently teaches courses in state and local government sustainability.

Andre is a former local elected official, having served as Village President (Mayor) of the Village of Matteson, Illinois, from 2008 to 2017 and as a Village Trustee from 2001-2008. As village president, he managed senior level staff involved in the creation, direction and implementation of large economic development strategic projects and ultimately oversaw all village administrative functions.

Andre has experience as a registered lobbyist and consultant servicing a variety of governmental and private sector clients. In addition to advising clients and lobbying members of the Illinois General Assembly, he has effectively developed and maintained internal and external relationships with government officials at the federal, state, county, township, school district and local government levels.

Andre earned his Juris Doctor from University of Illinois Chicago School of Law. He received his Master of Science in Criminal Justice and his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Chicago State University.

Andre' is an avid swimmer and resides in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago.​​​