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Sociology is the study of the different patterns of relationships between people as they form groups, organizations, institutions, communities and n​​​ations, as well as the consequences of the structure and meaning attached to these forms.  Sociology aims to both look for knowledge about the nature of the social world and use it to promote a society that is more peaceful, cooperative, egalitarian and empowering.

The Department of Sociology at DePaul University trains students to discover, learn, compare, criticize, and improve social systems and processes.  After graduation, they become agents of change, promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in their professional communities and personal lives.

Undergraduate Program

Sociology (BA)Sociology (Minor)

Graduate Program

Sociology (MA)Combined Degrees

​Soci​ology in Chicago

Our location in the heart of Chicago gives students access to internships, community-service placements, and field research experiences, as well as the many opportunities of a global city. With its ethnic diversity and global economic dynamism, Chicago serves as a unique setting for research, public service, and career development. Many of our alumni go on to pursue professional degrees in areas that include law, public health, criminal justice, social work, public policy, marketing, and management of businesses and non-profit organizations, as well as the MA degree in Sociology.

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