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Sociology is the study of groups, societies, social processes, and institutions. To study these, the department provides a program that focuses on sociological methods (how we know) and sociological theory (how we explain). The curriculum provides students with a basis for understanding and participation in their own communities and enables them to pursue careers and occupations in professions related to sociological knowledge and training.  DePaul offers both majors and minors for undergraduate students interested in sociology. Thirteen Sociology courses and a Capstone course are required to complete the Sociology major.

BA in Sociology


Sociology of Culture
Health and Human Services
Law, Crime, & Criminology
Cities, Action, Power, and Practice

Liberal Studies Component

The Liberal Studies Program at DePaul University is the general education portion of the curriculum in which all undergraduate students (except School for New Learning) participate, regardless of college and major.

Sociology Minor

For students who are majoring in another department, the Department of Sociology offers a minor. View course requirements here.

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