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Sociology (BA)

Develop the critical thinking skills needed to effectively observe sociological topics and become equipped to conduct sociological research.

Chicago is a laboratory for research and observation with its ethnic communities, economic development and urban issues, giving you the opportunity to access Chicago’s rich and diverse culture through service opportunities, field experience and internships.

We offer combined bachelor’s + master’s degree programs including a combined bachelor’s in Sociology and a master’s in Secondary Education Social Sciences degree. These programs allow you to complete a bachelor’s degree and a graduate degree in as few as five years.

We also offer the 3+3 BA/JD program, which allows high-achieving first-year undergraduate students to be admitted simultaneously to the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (LAS) and the College of Law (LAW). You’ll complete your first three years in LAS and your final three years in LAW.


Sample Courses:

  • Social Problems
  • Statistics
  • Sociological Theory
  • Research Methods
  • Work in a Globalized World
  • Social Work and Social Welfare
  • Social Deviance
  • Police and the Urban Community
  • Mass Media and Culture

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