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Academic Opportunities

2014 Spread the WoRD
Students at the 2014 Spread the WoRD Conference

The MA in WRD offers a range of opportunities for students to refine and be recognized for their academic work, including these:​

Present at the Graduate College's Annual Graduate Student Conference

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at DePaul hosts an annual "Interdisciplinary Student Conference," typically on a Friday in March. Students from across the college present papers and projects in the format of an academic conference presentation. This event is a fun opportunity to meet students across the college (e.g., from English, History, Geography, Social Work, Public Health...). Proposals are typically due in mid-January.

Apply for DePaul Funding to Present Your Research at an Academic Conference

DePaul's College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences supports the research, scholarship, and creative work of graduate students through its Graduate Research Funding (GRF) program​. The GRF helps defray the cost of conducting research and creative work and for presenting papers at academic conferences through a competitive process. MA in WRD students can apply once in every academic year. ​