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Why small class sizes?

The relatively small size of First-Year Writing courses is crucial to providing the optimal environment for intensive and supervised work on student reading, writing and critical thinking. It is the policy of First-Year Writing, supported by DePaul University, that no First-Year Writing classes be over-enrolled.

Therefore, please do not ask instructors to over-enroll their courses or to give you permission to enroll, and do not make similar requests of your advisors, deans, or First-Year Writing administrators.

Use Campus Connect​ to enroll. If a class is full, you can choose to be added to a waitlist and may be added to that course if a seat opens. First-Year Writing classes are offered every quarter, including a few in the summer session. 

How do I enroll in an X class?

If you wish to enroll in WRD 102x, WRD 103X or WRD 104X, please email and specify the course and section you want to join, along with your student ID number.