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​Transfer Students

Some transfer students are eligible for class substitutions of upper level WRD classes as well as waivers.  Students who enter DePaul with earned credit for WRD 104 Composition and Rhetoric II​ but not WRD 103 Composition and Rhetoric I​, as well as students whose previous schools provided writing instruction in formats like first-year seminars or writing across the curriculum, may substitute an approved upper level WRD course. Students may petition to waive WRD 104 Composition and Rhetoric II by submitting a portfolio that includes two completed research projects with process documents (e.g., proposal, drafts) and reflective commentary demonstrating their ability to achieve course goals and learning outcomes for WRD 104. To find out more about your options and what classes are right for you, please see the Liberal Studies Program Policies for Transfer Students and the WRD 104 Waiver Process and Rubric. Contact us for more information. 

Substitutions and Waivers:
Dr. Erin Workman
Director of First-Year Writing
366 Schmitt Academic Center

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