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The Chaddick Institute team is always keen to have students and professionals get involved with the institute, and to discuss how our work might intersect with your professional experience in the Chicagoland area or educational experience at DePaul University. The Chaddick Institute offers various volunteering opportunities for graduate students during the academic year, including assisting with our events, research, and bi-annual study trips. Find upcoming opportunities to get involve​d here​.

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Chaddick Scholars

The Chaddick Scholars Program is a great way to interact with professionals and individuals interested in the field of metropolitan planning. This program is designed for graduate students looking to gain real-world experience in urban planning and community development. After being accepted into the program, candidates become ambassadors of the Institute and participate in activities such as immersion trips to explore various cities, volunteer opportunities, and professional networking events. The Chaddick Scholars Program typically starts in November and ends in June.

For program requirements and kick-off dates, please contact us at

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Janson Busby | Sustainable Urban Development 
Prestin Cooke | Public Policy
Akshara Das | International Public Service 
Caleb Haydock | Public Policy
Esther Lwakabamba | Public Policy
Namatama Kapika | Nonprofit Management
Mayra Shuja | Sustainable Urban Development
Rachel Weckbacher | Public Policy

2023 Scholars

CARRIE CRAIG | International Public Service
AAMNA FASIHI | Public Policy
SARAH HALLOCK | Public Policy 
HARRISON HORST | Sustainable Urban Development
ABBY MADER | Sustainable Urban Development
ANGELIA MILLSAP - GIBLIN | Sustainable Urban Development
CLAIRE TRINKLE | Public Administration
IZZY RENO | Sustainable Urban Development

2022 Schoalrs

REED CAPSHAW | Master of Public Policy

HUGO CORONADO | Master’s in Sustainable Urban Development

KIMBERLY FAIR | Master of Public Policy 
SARA FRANKIEWICZ | Master’s in Sustainable Urban Development

DYLAN HABER | Master’s in Sustainable Urban Development

JENNIFER HERNANDEZ | Master of Public Policy

MITCH HIRST | Master’s in Sustainable Urban Development

CASEY LAWLER | Master’s in Sustainable Urban Development

VALERIA TARKA | Master’s in Sustainable Urban Development

Nine smiling people
ALEX ASTA | Master's in Sustainable Urban Development
ERIN BAYNES | Master of Public Administration
JAMAINE ALBERTO GOODING | Master's in Sustainable Urban Development
LUCAS HAWLEY | Master of Public Administration
JAMAL MCPHERSON | Master of Public Policy
PJ NASSOS | Master of Public Service Management
COLE NEDER | Master of Public Administration
DELIAH ODEH | Master of Public Service Management
YASMINE OUTLAW | Master of Public Administration
JACOB WALLS | Master of Public Policy
MAGGIE YOUNG | Master's in Sustainable Urban Development
ROB ZIMMER | Master of Public Policy
Scholars 2020
KYLE ACEVEDO | Master's in Sustainable Urban Development
SETH BAKER | Master of Public Administration
NORA BEAMISH-LANNON | Master of Public Service Management
ISABELLA DOWNES | Master's in Sustainable Urban Development
CONNOR RETTIG | Master's in Sustainable Urban Development
STEPHEN RODNEY | Master of Public Policy
JACQUELYN RODRIGUEZ | Master of Public Policy
KEVIN SNYDER | Master of Public Policy
SANTA TORRIJO | Master of Public Policy

MOHAMED ALI | Master's in Sustainable Urban Develoment
ELIZABETH BALSAVICH | Master's in Public Policy
TOM BENEDETTO | Master's in Public Policy
WILLIAM HOOVER | International Relations
JASMINE JONES | Master's of Public Administration
MATTHEW LANGE | Master's of Public Service Management
JOANNA MCCALL | Master's in Sustainable Urban Development
JANELLE MYERS | PhD in Education

ARLINDA BAJRAMI | Masters in Public Administration
GABRIELA BALDASSARI | Masters in Sustainable Urban Development

MICHAEL FODORMasters in Sustainable Urban Development
FRANK KRAUT Masters in Public Administration
COREY MCEACHERN |  Masters in Public Policy
MALCOLM MOSSMANMasters in Sustainable Urban Development
STIJN VAN DER SLOTMasters in Sustainable Urban Development

2017 Chaddick Scholars

JEN ARON  |  Masters in Leadership and Policy Studies
BENTON DOSKY  |  Masters in Sustainable Urban Development
ROMUALD LENOU  |  Masters of Public Administration
JAZMINE ROMERO  |  Masters of Public Administration
NOELLE PAIGE  |  Masters of Public Administration
RACHAEL SMITH  |   Masters in Sustainable Urban Development
ANTOINETTE THOMAS |  Masters in Public Service Managemement
GRAY TUREK  |   Masters in Sustainable Urban Development

2016 Chaddick Scholars
JOSEPH CUNANAN | Masters in Sustainable Urban Development
PASQUALE DI DIANA | Masters in Public Administration
ELIZABETH GRISANZIOMasters in Public Service
BRIAN TERRELL Masters in Leadership and Policy Studies
NATALIE TOPP | Masters in Leadership and Policy Studies
JOANA ZAIDANMasters in Sustainable Urban Development


Valerie Egon, Jeff Fredericksen, Jenny Godinez, Megan Overbey, Emily Reilly, Gary Scott, William Stefaniuk, and James Wong


Alyssa Battaglia, Jamela Clark, Brandi DeLoatch, Ryan Forst, Blaire MacHarg, Brian Pigeon, Kelsey Somerville, Martina Stanley, and Kate Witherspoon


Derick Anderson, Sid Holcomb, Shawn Janzen, Wilmar Molina, Mark Patoska, Candice Torres, and Stephen Woodring


Caitlin Allen, Will Covert, Martin Ellinger-Locke, Leah Haas, Brian Izzo, Amy Kirsling, Paige Largent, Rebecca McAlpine, Elisa Sledzinska, Sara Wendelburg, and Jada Wollenzien


Antwon Bailey, Alice Bieszczat, Steven Field,  Justin Klusas, Suzanne Ostrovsky, and Jonathan Wittig


Andrew Pizzano, Eric Roach, Cyrus Khazai, and Fatih Takmakli


Erin Kelly, Lisa Koivu, Kateri Routh, Lisa Pagnucci, Sara Smith, and Lauren Fischer


Liezl Alcantara, Gretchen Anderson, Caitlyn Brennan, Peter Drake, Beau Gallegos, Brian Guyer, Michael Frigo, Dan Nakahara, Erika Radeke, Alyssa Schiffman, Melanie Silas, and Dale Wilson


Donna Cicinelli, Brian Guyer, Christie Hahn, Lauren Pike, Erika Radeke, Alyssa Schiffman, and Sonya Szot


Michelle Cullerton, Christine Drew, Alison Ferrari, Pamela Gayles, Joseph Kearney, Katie McCall, Janice Murphy, Shari Schwartz, and Gail Walker

Bi-Annual Study Trips

The Chaddick Institute began offering study trips for graduate students and professional planners in 2010. These full-day intensive experiences offer participants the opportunity to explore urban issues in a real world setting, meeting with municipal officials, planners, non-profit leaders, etc. and gaining a better understanding of the innovative solutions being pursued to revitalize challenged urban areas.

We hold a study trip in the fall quarter and spring quarter of each academic year. Our study trips are to cities located in the Midwest - previous study trips have taken participants to Detroit, St. Louis, Grand Rapids, Milwaukee, and Madison. Study trips typically cost around $30/person and include lodging, local transportation and lunch. Approximately 25 graduate students and professionals attend each trip. Visit our Upcoming Events page for information on the next study trip!

Young Professionals Program

Our Young Professionals (YP) program involves after-work activities highlighting trends in the urban planning field. Events are designed to be informal and fun, focusing on professional development and offering exposure to a wide variety of experts.  YP events are typically free to attend! If you are not already on our Young Professionals mailing list, click here to start receiving our emails and event notices.

New ideas for future YP events are always welcome. If you have a great idea for an event, please contact us at