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​​​​​The Chaddick Institute offers technical programs, trainings, scholarships, and other special events throughout the academic year on topics of interest to land use, transportation, and municipal policy professionals and students.

Municipal Design Review Network (MDRN)
MDRN is a unique network for Chicago area communities with design review boards or staff professionals to share and develop best practices. This group organizes collaborative, professional-to-professional networking events sponsored by the Institute. Learn more about MDRN, including its advisory board, mission, and publications, please select the Municipal Design Review Network tab on the left side of this page.  For its upcoming events, click here.

Plan Commission Trainings
The Chaddick Institute works in partnership with the American Planning Association, Illinois Chapter, to provide training to municipal planning commissions and village boards. All planning officials work hard to review cases, conduct public hearings, and consider policy matters, but they rarely get the chance to sit back and look at the big picture of what they do and the significance it has to the communities in which they live. Additionally, most officials are not professionals in the planning or development fields and can benefit from a bit of extra training on the topic. Even seasoned commissioners appreciate the chance to step back from the task of plan review and approval, learn what’s new in planning, and discuss their role with fellow commissioners. Learn more about Plan Commission Trainings her​e.

Air Transport Policy Initiative
The Air Transport Policy Initiative is a new collaborative effort between DePaul University's Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development and College of Law focused on improving air and intermodal transport worldwide through innovative policy solutions. Among other efforts, the initiative supports the publication of the widely respected semiannual journal, Issues in Aviation Law and Policy, now in its sixteenth year, as well a number of periodic reports and white papers. Stay tuned for more information about this new and exciting initiative.

Transportation Research Forum (TRF) - Chicago Chapter
The Chaddick Institute is the administrative home of the Chicago Chapter of the Transportation Research Forum. This chapter of "TRF" sponsors free quarterly brown bag lunches on the DePaul campus, as well as webinars and other events showcasing innovations and timely research in transportation. Email for information about becoming a TRF member, and visit our Upcoming Events​ and Recent Highlights page for information about past and future programs.​

Students and Scholarships
The Chaddick Institute encourages students at Chicago-area universities to participate in its workshops and events. At any given point throughout the academic year, 20 to 30 students are generally involved in our programs, research activities, and bi-annual study trips to other Midwestern cities. Students involved in our programs have gone on to work at such organizations as the American Planning Association, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, City of Chicago, Transportation Research Forum, ​and Congress for the New Urbanism. Learn more about our student and scholarship programs here.

Collaboration with National Great Rivers Research & Education Center
Our collaboration with the National Great Rivers Research & Education Center, led by Professor William Kling, promotes excellence in ecological preservation, land-use planning, and public policy involving our region's and state's river systems.   This partnership, launched​ in 2022, focuses heavily on educating policymakers and citizens about the many challenges facing our river systems and water supply.     

​​Development Certificate
Information about our graduate certificate will be posted here, please email  to obtain information on these notable offerings. 

Winter Quarter Classes
Students complete 13 courses (52 credit hours).  Click here for full curricular requirement list

Required Core (5 courses)
CourseTitleQuarter Hours
All Required:

SUD 401SUSTAINABLE URBAN DEVELOPMENT I (To be offered next in Autumn 2024,  Newer students can start with SUD 402) 4
SUD 402SUSTAINABLE URBAN DEVELOPMENT II (Yes, In-Person, Wednesday, Lincoln Park, Prof. Hugh Bartling)4
SUD 501PROFESSIONAL SEMINAR IN S.U.D. (Yes, In-Person/Hybrid, Monday, Lincoln Park, Prof. Howard Rosing)4
SUD 404URBAN DESIGN LAB (No, To be offered Spring, likely Tuesday night, Loop Campus, Prof. Schwieterman) 4
SUD 502CAPSTONE – PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIO (No, To be offered Spring quarter, on a different night than SUD 404) 4
  Total: 20 Hours


CourseTitleQuarter Hours
GEO 441GIS FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (No, expect to offer this in Spring term)4
GEO 442GIS FOR SUSTAINABLE URBAN DEVELOPMENT (No, we expect to offer this in Spring term)4

Public Service (these can also be electives if you take more than two)

CourseTitleQuarter Hours
Select two of the following:8
MPS 541ECONOMIC FOUNDATIONS OF PUBLIC SERVICE (Yes, Online, Asynchronous, Prof. Ken Rose)
MPS 572POVERTY, INEQUALITY AND PUBLIC POLICY (Yes, Online, Asynchronous, Prof. Cheron Corbett)
MPS 573HOUSING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (No; to be offered in Spring quarter)


CourseTitleQuarter Hours
Select one of the following:4
MPS 536APPLIED STATISTICS FOR PUBLIC SERVICE (USING SPSS) (Yes, Online, Asynchronous, Prof. Steven Seidman)
IT 403STATISTICS AND DATA ANALYSIS (Yes, In-Person or Online Asynchronous, Wednesday or Thursday, Loop, Prof. Zoaib Mirza or Prof. Alvin Chin)

Electives (3 courses)  (Only electives taught in Winter are shown;  note some courses listed in previous sections can be taken as electives)

CourseTitleQuarter Hours
Select three of the following:12
GEO 444SPATIAL ANALYSIS FOR SUSTAINABILITY (No, To be offered as a Hybrid course in Spring, Prof. Sungsoon)
GEO 445PROGRAMMING IN PYTHON FOR GIS (Yes, Online, Asynchronous, Prof. Sungsoon Hwang)
INT 408NATURE, SOCIETY, AND POWER (Yes, In-Person, Monday & Wednesday Afternoon, Lincoln Park, Prof. Kaveh Ehsani) 
MPS 541ECONOMIC FOUNDATIONS OF PUBLIC SERVICE (Yes, Online, Asynchronous, Prof. Ken Rose)
MPS 542POLICY DESIGN AND ANALYSIS (Yes, Online, Synchronous, Monday, Prof. Ken Rose)
MPS 546ADVOCACY AND LOBBYING (Yes, Online, Synchronous, Thursday, Prof. Andre Ashmore)

We anticipate having additional Spring quarter elective offerings

Study Abroad (More information here)

CourseTitleQuarter Hours
Select three of the following:12
MPS 575SPATIAL ANALYSIS FOR SUSTAINABILITY (Winter term, immersion over Spring Break. Prof. Euan Hague, DEADLINE IS 11/1)
MPS 575STUDY ABROAD IN INDIA (To be taught in December 2024, will have a Sustainability Focus)


Note that study abroad courses can be taken as electives. We often allow these courses to count toward your Public Service requirement;  email if you would like to explore this option.  We can also make arrangements for you to take two study abroad courses

Notable Past Programs

Municipal Development Awards
The Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development periodically hosts the Municipal Development Award competition recognizing innovation and leadership in managing the development process. Past winners deserve wide recognition for their excellence in using zoning, development approvals, subdivision regulation, and design to build stronger and more livable communities. Learn more about past Chaddick Municipal Development Awards here.

Windy City in Motion Exhibit
Our exhibit, Windy City in Motion: Movies + Travel in Chicago, was on display at Chicago Union Station between summer 2016 and fall 2017. The multi-media display incorporated portrayals of Chicago's transportation system and neighborhoods - many of which have been prominently featured on the silver screen. Click here​ for more information.