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Windy City in Motion Exhibit

DePaul Chaddick Windy City in Motion exhibit

Our exhibit, Windy City in Motion: Movies + Travel in Chicago, was on display at Chicago Union Station between summer 2016 and fall 2017. The multi-media display incorporated portrayals of Chicago's transportation system and neighborhoods - many of which have been prominently featured on the silver screen.

Windy City in Motion was a collaborative effort between the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development and the Digital Chicago project at Lake Forest College, and was a continuation of the Terminal Town festival (2014-2015)which showcased Chicago’s extraordinary role as a center of U.S. passenger transportation. The companion book, also titled Terminal Town, further highlights Chicago's great icons of transportation including Union Station, Dearborn Station, and Midway and O’Hare airports, as well as lesser-known and long-gone terminals throughout the metropolitan region - all of which firmly position the Windy City as America’s premier travel hub.

The exhibit was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Tom E. Dailey Foundation.