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DePaul Chaddick Windy City in Motion exhibit 
Our all-new exhibit, Windy City in Motion: Movies + Travel in Chicago, is now on display at Chicago Union Station! You'll find fascinating portrayals of our city's transportation system and neighborhoods - many of which have been prominently featured on the silver screen - in this multi-media exhibit. 

collaborative effort between the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development and the Digital Chicago project at Lake Forest College,  Windy City in Motion is a continuation of the Terminal Town festival (2014-2015)which showcased Chicago’s extraordinary role as a center of U.S. passenger transportation. The companion book, also titled Terminal Town​, further highlights Chicago's great icons of transportation including Union Station, Dearborn Station, and Midway and O’Hare airports, as well as lesser-known and long-gone terminals throughout the metropolitan region - all of which firmly position the Windy City as America’s premier travel hub.

This exhibit was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Tom E. Dailey Foundation.