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Student Involvement & Scholarship Opportunities

The Chaddick Institute encourages students at Chicago-area universities to participate in its workshops and events. At any given point throughout the academic year, 20 or 30 students are generally involved in our programs, research activities, and bi-annual study trips to other Midwestern cities. Students involved in our programs have gone on to work at such organizations as the American Planning Association, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, City of Chicago, Civic Federation, and Congress for the New Urbanism.

The first step to getting involved is attending our events, which are generally free to students, and in some cases, to alumni. Your participation in these events allows us to gain an understanding of your availability, interests and skills. Please email to be added to our email list. We make new opportunities available first to those who have been part of our programs and research endeavors.  

We hope you will consider taking part in our activities and programs!

Phyllis M. Sutker Scholarship 
We recognize annually one or two students who have made significant contributions to the programs of the Chaddick Institute by awarding them our Phyllis M. Sutker Scholarship. Mrs. Sutker, who died in 2002, was a pioneer in the world of Chicago trucking and real estate. She was a longtime member of our advisory board and was widely respected by transportation officials throughout the city. This $3,000 scholarship is available to students enrolled in the DePaul University School of Public Service graduate program.

2018: Matthew Jacques
2017: Mallory Livingston
2016: Jacob Horn
2015: Gary Scott
2014: Matthew Michel
2013: Katelyn Witherspoon 
2012: Paige Largent and Stephen Woodring  
2011: Steven Field
2010: Andrew Pizzano
2009: Sara Smith
2007: Lauren Fischer
2006: Brian Guyer
2005: Joe Kearney
2004: Craig Laurenson
2003: Al Stonitsch

or more information on the Phyllis Sutker Scholarship, please email​.​​​​